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David Mihm: The Evolution of Local SEO Algorithms

David Mihm is the Director of Local Search over at SEOmoz. David published a video today that expanded on the the idea that Google has been aggressively improving the way their Local SEO algorithm ranks businesses within Google Search and Google Maps. The information is rather basic – he doesn’t exactly go into the details of “how to get your business ranked #1 in Google Maps”, but he does leave hints.

How to improve your Google Maps ranking

  • Links + Title Tags
  • Citations + Location Data
  • Reviews
  • Social identity (Google+)
  • Offline signals (Foursquare check-ins)

These are the main bullets David drives home at the end of the video. Watch the video below to get the real deal. Finally Goes Mobile released a mobile version of their website.  This allows you to easily buy train tickets on the fly.  Metra took a while to catch up to this new technology age, but it’s great to see them doing it.  You might remember it was not too long ago when I blogged about when Metra finally accepted credit cards online for purchasing train tickets.

Screen shots of the mobile app below:

Metra Mobile Screenshot


Metra Mobile Screenshot

Why Did This Now?

Obviously it’s a step forward to adapt your website for mobile browsers. Today, approximately 15% to 20% of all traffic originates from a mobile device. This is a growing number, too.

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