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It finally hit me a few days ago: Either you know PHP or you don’t. I’ve decided, and am now determined to master the web language PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, or so commonly referred to as PHP!

Yesterday I purchased a book titled PHP Solutions: Dynamic Web Design Made Easy. I’m already on page 60 of the 400 page book.

One thing I like about the book already is how it teaches you the web language using practical situations. This method of teaching helps me as a reader stay interested in the language since it reminds me that there is a point to learning this language. Knowing PHP will help any webmaster increase productivity, security, or style to any of your websites.

Also, the book shouldn’t be used for just reference. This is a good book if you’re actually wanting to LEARN the language of PHP from the ground up and knowing absolutely nothing about PHP. BUT, the author (David Powers) highly recommends that you know the basics of xHTML and CSS – since PHP is usually embedded into both.

My goal is to finish this book before summer ends, which is August 23rd. I’ll definitely keep everyone posted on how the book turns out. I can’t wait to find out who murdered Colonel Mustard in the library with the candlestick.