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The geniuses over at TheIphoneBlog.com made a recent update on the iPhone’s performance so far in 2008.  The reports are, well, astounding.

  • They exceeded their sales goal of 10 million iPhones in 2008 already, with the holiday season still ahead of them
  • They sold nearly 7 million iPhones in three months.
  • They sold more iPhones than RIM sold BlackBerrys (yes, that’s the proper plural spelling)
  • Based on revenue from iPhones, Apple was the #3 cellphone maker last quarter, behind only Nokia and Samsung.
  • They achieved all this in 15 months.

CNET Asia has also reported interesting demographics regarding iPhone users.

Who is using the iPhone?

  • 67 percent of US iPhone users are male.
  • Among users aged 18 and older:
  • 15.4 percent are aged 18—24
  • 33 percent are aged 25—34
  • 19.9 percent are aged 35—44
  • 13.3 percent are aged 45—54
  • 14.4 percent are aged 55—64
  • 4 percent are aged 65+
  • 39.3 percent of iPhone users have a household income of US$100,000+, down from 43 percent in Q4 2007, but still higher than the average mobile consumer (20 percent).

Windows Mobile is taking the right amount of time they need to prepare the launch of Windows Mobile 7, iPhone’s next big threat.  WM7 won’t be released for US devices until 2010, says a Windows Mobile executive.