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Pardon my absence. Over the past month I went to South Beach Miami for a week (wonderful) and also visited Gulf Shores, Alabama for a few days (also rockin’).

This past month has really shown progress through my websites. Both visitor and revenue statistics have increased. I debate with myself sharing these stats. Yes, I talk to myself. Usually about the weather. I may share with you my revenue and visitor statistics sometime in the future, but not now. I’ve had bad experiences in the past when I shared my income with friends and family.

Anyways, what I wanted to mention in this post is that the internet is extremely, extremely versatile. That means it’s ever-changing, moving all the time. The web is evolving into a superpower.

Thinking like this has made me ponder over what’s to come in the near future. No one saw Myspace, YouTube, or Gmail coming did they? But then again, who saw the automobile or airplane coming? No one, exept those with the ideas.

It may just seem like incoherrent rambling to you (maybe it is), but it sure makes me feel as if I’m losing if I don’t stay on top of this ‘Evolving Internet’. I remember even sensing as if I’m losing money by not doing anything. My conclusion to this post is just a suggestion: Think about what’s to come. If you can’t think or spawn any new ideas, wait for it to come, and market it like there’s no tomorrow. Every niche explosion like Myspace and YouTube started small. Watch for these small new sites and do what you can to profit from it before that market is flooded.