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I thought that I might share with the world the online SEO tools that I use. Keep in mind that I use these A LOT. I use them A LOT because they’re USEFUL. They make me MONEY in other words. 🙂

Keyword Research

I use Google’s Adword’s keyword volume tool to look to see if a keyword is even worth targeting in the search engines.

[ https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal ]

Backlink Analyzer

I use this tool every so often when I want to see how many backlinks my site is getting.  Occasionally I’ll use it to spy on a few of my competitors – but don’t tell any one that :P.

[ http://sitening.com/seo-tools/backlink-analyzer/ ]

Page Rank Checker

Okay, page rank has NOTHING to do with how well your website performs in the search engines.  Are you sure Kyle?  Yes, I’m sure.  I’ve experienced a complete page rank stripping (from PR4 to PR0) overnight, and my website’s search engine result pages (SERPs) continued to go UP!  Page rank is simply Google’s attempt at giving a website a “rating”.  I do use it occasionally because advertisers consider page rank when buying links from you.

[ http://sitening.com/seo-tools/page-rank/ ]

Google Analytics

Are you not running Google Analytics or some other kind of website statistic harvester?  The information I get from my Analytics reports dictates to me about 75% of the work I do.  It’s free and awesome.

[ http://analytics.google.com ]

SEO Analyzer

This tool tells you the top 5 keywords you’re getting traffic from, as well as a wide array of other useful information about your web presence.

[ http://sitening.com/seo-tools/seo-report/ ]

Again, these aren’t just any SEO tools.  These come from my own, personal collection of bookmarks that I visit frequently.  Consider them very resourceful for you and website(s).  Hope this helps!