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Well, I won’t lie, Microformatting is not that new of an idea.  However, Google has recently changed its algorithm to place more weight on hCard markup.  I interpret Google’s move to weigh hCards more as a way to replace META tags.  As you probably know, META tags are essentially useless for Google at least.  Other search engines may use them, but they aren’t significant enough to matter.  hCards are easy to make.  In fact, all it is is HTML.  Until you learn to write the code by memory, you can use the hCard generator tool to create your hCard.  Here is an example of what microformatting can do for you and your SERP’s on Google:

hCard Snippet

Not sure if Google is reading your hCard correctly?  Use the Google Webmaster Rich Snippet tool to make sure your code is read validly by its robots.  Microformatting is essential to optimizing your Google Places page, and any other location you want indexed by Google.

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