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Long time, no post.  Sorry that we had to meet again with these circumstances, but it needs to be said!

Reasons being:
Poorly (notice the emphasis) made scripts.  Their SocialJenny (myspace clone) script is full of bugs that almost make the site unusable.  This is after making sure my server was compatible with the script, upgrading to their “Developer” version, and fixing some bugs myself.

– I was supposed to get 6 months of free “Support”.  I can only chuckle at that promise.  I was actually surprised that I got an email response by them though.  Oh but that was because I needed to pay another $50 to upgrade my script to the “DEVELOPER” version which you need to edit the files.  Why did you encrypt the files again?

– I only received responses back when it had to do with me paying them more money.  Silly isn’t it?

– I was banned on their forum for speaking up about their lack of support that was promised.  I understand that it may take a while to respond to an inquiry… but weeks at a time?  I can’t prove or show what I said to them because they deleted the posts (surprise surprise), but I did nothing to deserve a ban.

I was a bad boy.
I’ve dealt with FREE scripts that have been more reliable than these.

I’m not trying to be a nagging customer… in fact, it wasn’t even my money that was spent.  This post is to direct those users interested in buying a myspace or youtube clone script AWAY from StockScripts.com.  Just trying to help out all your smart consumers 🙂