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Buzzwords are keywords that are either introduced into your niche or have always been there but for reason been receiving an increasing amount of traffic. Say a new product came out with a unique title for a name. Stuff like that.

An excellent and easy strategy (and I can’t stress that enough) for building great SERPs for newly found buzzwords is to simply make a basic content page with very basic, but useful information about that new keyword.

The point of this is not to be an expert on the keyword, but just be a reference (and hopefully the first reference) for that keyword.

Google will crawl your website and see that you are the first to have a good, relevant content page for that new keyword, and place you very high for its SERP. Then, when any visitor searches for this keyword, looking for new information, they get what they need and want. These visitors then make reference to your page to other people on blogs, forums, websites, etc.

If you still don’t understand how this works, here’s an example:

Say your niche market is Tickle Me Elmo dolls. You’ve probably heard of the new TMX version. Knowing this before many other webmasters, you take advantage of this ‘buzzword’ by creating a page with good keyword density of ‘Tickle Me Elmo TMX’ in the content (make sure you know what you’re talking about though, or that defeats the purpose). Also providing an attractive keyword-filled title and meta content.

If you act on this soon enough, you will rank very highly for the keyword (sometimes #1), and therefore becoming a reference to the new Tickle Me Elmo TMX.

Then watch the page’s/site’s authority grow as the links pour in.