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Google Android’s first update, RC33 is now available for G1s.

Thanks to the guys over at xda for this one:


  • Download the RC33 file that’s posted at XDA Developers hereVERY IMPORTANT: If you have root access (”jailbroken” G1), this update will NOT work for you. Community member JF has been very helpful in modifying updates to work for those with root access.
  • Once you download the file to your computer, it should appear as: signed-PLAT-RC33-from-RC30.f06aa9b3.zip. This next part is important. Rename this file asupdate.zip.
  • Make sure you have a Micro SD Card in your G1. Connect your G1 to your computer via USB. You should see the USB icon in the top left corner of your G1. Drag it down and enable the USB connection to your computer.
  • On the desktop of your computer, drag and drop the update.zip file to your G1, placing it in the root of your Micro SD Card. Then, unplug your G1 from your computer.
  • Turn off your G1. Make sure it’s completely powered down. Then, turn it back on by holding the Home and End keys. Wait for the icon popup after the T-Mobile G1 logo screen. Slide open your keyboard and type Alt + L. The event log should be displayed.
  • Press Alt + S to begin the update. If you have properly renamed the file to update.zip and placed it in the root directory of your Micro SD card (meaning that it’s not in any other folders), the update should begin.
  • Be patient. The update will take a few minutes. Be sure to follow the on-screen instructions. You will be instructed to press the Home + Back buttons to finish the update. Be aware that your G1 will reboot a few times to properly install the update.
  • Enjoy your new, shiny RC33 update, complete with Google Latitude!