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The idea isn’t half bad, but the Blogrush platform blows.

So I signed up and entered my blog details (url, feed url, description, etc). When I hit submit, it gave me a parse error. I emailed John Reese, the creator, and got no reply.

Once Blogrush entered what they called “Phase 2”, I was able to successfully submit my blog for review. Hooray!

24 hours later I got an email saying my blog was accepted. Cool. And the blogrush widget was already displaying content on my site. I go to sign in to my blogrush account, only to get a message telling me that I can’t access my account because my blog is still in review. Wait, what was that email then?

I understand that Blogrush is a start up site/company, but that’s a pretty crappy start up. A crappy web platform on top of crappy service. I’m not alone.