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Arnold Scott Harris P.C. is getting a lot of negative attention on the Web for how devious their collection agency practice is. They have 109 complaints with the Better Business Bureau in the past 3 years! People are claiming that their parking and hospital bills are being deferred to this firm, regardless of how small or large the amount, and required to pay a $10 convenience fee to resolve their debt. In some instances, the convenience fees are exceeding the actual amount owed. Technically this would be called usury if the State were to categorize the convenience fee as interest, but they don’t. Unfortunately it’s the State who refers them most of their business, and we can only guess what type of relationship exists between government officials and firm partners. My guess is that they share a drink and laugh together every Friday night, but I speculate. This firm should be investigated by the State for imposing extraordinary interest fees on petty debt, and set example for the financial industry that you can’t use poor people like this. If you’re getting called from Arnold Scott Harris and want to take legal recourse, I suggest following this Yelp reviewer’s advice:

You want to do one of two things with this scum: 1) make the calls stop, or 2) take them to the cleaners via suing them in civil court for illegal practices (it’s $500 an infraction).

1) What you do is immediately contact the Better Business Bureau of Illinois once the calls start. Explain the calling and how they were never allowed to call you on your cell phone. Within a day or two they will stop once this happens.

2) Keep track of all the illegal calls/voicemails they are leaving you. Keep a record if you can. Once it get’s up to a sizable amount of dough skip the BBB and hire an attorney to sue them directly for breaking the law as it’s $500 an infraction. You can get at least ten grand out of them from this method. Everybody should pursue this method to put them out of business!