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Admob is a mobile advertising company I’ve been using for the last six months.  It is the Adsense of mobile internet.  Admob typically only approves publishers that have a mobile-compatible website (like this for example).  Admob was recently acquired by Google.  The FTC is now asking for more details on the acquisition, as Google is starting to become more and more suspicious of monopolizing the mobile advertising industry.

Some other .mobi Advertising companies include:

  • Third Screen Media – http://www.thirdscreenmedia.com/
  • AdMob – http://www.admob.com
  • Google AdSense – http://google.com/adsense
  • Jumptap – http://jumptap.com/
  • InMobi – http://inmobi.com/
  • Unanimis – http://www.unanimis.co.uk/