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So you’ve been scammed… Me too! And guess what, I got my money back! You need to read this fast because you need to act fast.

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What payment method did you use when you were Scammed Online?

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First and foremost, there are two things you can do right now to help your situation.

1. Call your bank or credit card company immediately after you realize you have been scammed.
2. Call your Police non-emergency number and file a report. Explain your situation and see what they can do for you. Filing a report is a good idea in case you need to provide it to your bank and/or credit card and credit agencies (depending on your circumstances).

I’m writing this tutorial because I was recently scammed in a domain sale at I paid $275 via Paypal for a certain domain name promised to me at Once I sent payment, the “seller” (let’s call him Mr. McScammer) private messaged me and said that he was going to go to dinner and send the domain after he gets back. Red flag #1.

I’ll admit that I fell into this scam partly due to my ignorance. The best thing you can do to prevent this kind of nonsense is simply keep caution when you participate in ANY online transaction. Although there are times where you just get caught up in a shady transaction. I’m not calling you stupid, you can be the judge of that. Either way, there’s hope. Read on.

“How do I get my money back if I’ve been scammed online?”

Step number 1:

How did you pay? If you paid via Paypal like I did, log into your account and view the details of the payment you just sent. Scroll down and find where it says:

Need help? If you have problems with a transaction or would like assistance settling a dispute with your seller, visit the Resolution Center. PayPal strongly recommends attempting to resolve this issue directly with the merchant or seller whenever possible.

Click ‘Resolution Center’ and open a dispute. Do whatever you need to do, write whatever you need to write to get the dispute open. The point is to get the dispute opened ASAP.

Step number 2:

Call or go to your nearest bank location. Don’t hesitate with this, time is crucial. I was lucky enough to get this taken care of in time. I actually emailed at first (not smart), then they told me to call them.

Speak to one of your bank representatives and explain your situation. I told my bank that I was recently scammed out of $275 and would like to issue a Stop Payment. This is what you need to get as well. They should give you a “dispute form” of some sort. If you’re at the bank in person, have them walk you through it. The form they give you is a legal contract that you’ll want to carefully fill out. Basically the Stop Payment does exactly what it’s titled, it stops the payment from your bank to whoever (in this case Paypal). Your bank will most likely charge you a fee to do this (mine was $25). You will also need to get this notarized if they can’t do it for you. Since I wasn’t at my physical bank in person, I had to go to UPS and have them notarize it for $10. Just do this as fast as you can and don’t think twice about the fees. It’s worth it assuming you’ve been scammed out of a decent amount of money.

Stay in contact with your bank. Just make sure they’re processing the form as soon as possible. They should be doing all they can to help you. If you get scammed, they get scammed in a sense.

Step number 3:

You’ve now done all you can do really. From here, I do my best to in any way try to contact the actual scammer and tell him/her that you’re willing to escelate the situation with legal action if your money isn’t returned within 24 hours. Don’t give them more than 24 hours. If they don’t give it back to you within that amount of time, they’ll never give it back most likely. DO NOT BEG. Depending on the amount at stake, it may be tempting to get on your hands and knees and beg for your money back. It won’t work. You expect that it will? Scammers have no heart. I don’t even consider them real people :). Overall, keep your cool. Your bank will now take care of it.

You might have to wait between 24-72 hours for the stop payment to take affect. Once it does, Paypal should email you a message like this:

Dear Your Name,

You recently attempted to transfer funds from your bank account to your PayPal account.

Your bank has declined the funds transfer.

We were unable to cover your payment to [email protected] with funds from your PayPal balance.
While this transaction had already been flagged as unauthorized, our external processor could not be prevented from completing the representment process. Your Back-up Funding Source will not be charged to make up the funds. This could mean that your PayPal account balance will go negative, but this is merely an interim accounting step that will be corrected when we have completed our review of this transaction.
For current information on your account balance and transaction history, please login to your PayPal account.

Don’t freak out. This is a good thing. Paypal is saying that your bank has declined the transfer of funds for the transaction specified in the Stop Payment Dispute form you filled out from your bank.

Paypal will most likely limit your account access due to the situation involving fraud. You’ll need to change your password, security question, and confirm you’re really you by having them call you and enter a PIN number they give you. It’s just a security procedure. Do that and you’re account will be back to normal.

That’s all I had to do to get my money back. I ended up having to pay a total of $35 for the notary and Stop Payment fee from the bank.

I hope this helps at least ONE person. If it does then this article is deemed useful. Good luck to everyone.

Stay safe, stay smart.

Top 10 Scams

The Better Business Bureau published an Infographic that gives you good insight into the top 10 scams to avoid. Although it’s dated (2010), it’s still relevant.

Top 10 Scams Infographic

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282 Comments - Leave a comment
  1. Brittney says:

    Oh thank you soooo much! I just got scammed on a UGG website, I never recieved my UGGS, so I got really worried. My mom ordered them for me for Hanukkah and I feel horrible because I suggested the site. Now she is telling me not to worry but all I can do is that. So thanks for the tips.

  2. Kyle says:

    Sorry about your troubles brittney, especially during the holidays. There are many of these designer “front” stores online. I almost bought into a fake Tiffany’s website that sold clone jewelry for half the price. little did I know that Tiffany’s only retails directly from their own website.

    Would you mind sharing the website here so people know not to shop there?

  3. Cara says:

    omg i just found out ive been SCAMMED !! I am in a different predicament though. i transferred the money in person and my bank (Halifax) is telling me there is nothing they can do as i am not covered !! =S
    do you have any suggestions??? I still have a receipt of the money transferred ! please help!! :(

  4. Cara says:

    I paid £275 on gumtree for an iphone

    the seller was “Hillary Smith” ([email protected]

    Also uses the name rebekah ainsworth!

  5. Kyle says:

    When you say that you transfer the money in person, what do you mean? You paid in cash? Paypal?

  6. Petay O'Pan says:

    Damn i just got scammed by someone with the details of:

    Account number 63891445 sort code: 20-08-98

    Gumtree and the bank cant do anything about it. Guessing the police will never catch him either.

    60 pounds down the drain but lesson learnt and i am normally so cautious which sucks :(


  7. ric says:

    if i use paypal how long do i have until they have my money…………. :)
    just in case……. 1 week…………..2………….3….?

  8. Sandy says:

    I got scamed and I AM PANICING!!! I sent 2800 through western union. When I was told that it may have been a scam I tried to contact western union and the money had already been picked up.

    PLEASE help if you can.


  9. Al says:

    dammm. ive just been scammed by a website called everything was normal it seemed i recieved a confirmation email with a tracking number…..Which was Untraceable, first i thought it might just be bcoz it hasnt been shipped out yet but 3 weeks later still not trackable!!!!!!!
    i was stupid enuff getting caught in the moment and NOT using paypal and jus paying with my debit card!!!!
    Bank say they cant do ANYTHING and were Not really BOTHERED!
    I know now ive lost that money im now wondering as they have my account details with my security number can they take more money or use my account??


  10. Rick says:

    Why would you pay 275.00 for a domain name when you can get them all day for 12.00…I have a bundle that includes .com, .net, .org………all for two years for just 98.00

  11. Matt says:

    There are scammers on kijiji and craigslists. One goes by Brenda Pearson. They offer a 120gb slim ps3 with 4 controllers and 10 games. They are fake. They say they are situated in the UK and they give you a map of their building. It’s all bullshit. Scammed me out of $450. This was a while ago so I’m going to see if paypal can still do something. Like I’m going to say the guy kept telling me they were sending it or something. When this happened everyone said I was screwed so I didn’t bother trying to do anything but this still eats me up to this day and I still send them emails whenever I think about it and just vent about how they’re horrible people and stuff. I think it helps a lot!

  12. emily says:

    i got scammed by the ake id site, i payed using Ukash which is a voucher you pay for from a pay point then i gave them the code which meaqnt they could redeem the money i had payed for the voucher, im not sure if theyres any way of me getting my money back now

  13. jane hamilton says:

    Hi! I just got scammed by with a ‘work from home’ build your own website which kept escalating the demands for payment. I am normally v. cautious but got caught in a positive mood and it all just ripd up. I immediately rang the bank but their system is so’s gone…part of being human is that you make mistakes and that’s what these things rely on. Stay sceptical!

  14. jane hamilton says:

    Hi! I just got scammed by with a ‘work from home’ build your own website which kept escalating the demands for payment. I am normally v. cautious but got caught. I immediately rang the bank but their system is so’s gone…part of being human is that you make mistakes and that’s what these things rely on. Stay sceptical!

  15. chaz says:

    don’t use it is a huge scam and you will be ripped off. im gladf this should help me to get my money back.

  16. Thomas says:

    I paid via money order and I got scammed is there anything I can do to get my money back or what I purchased?

  17. mahjong says:

    Oh my goodness! an incredible article dude. Thank you Nonetheless I’m experiencing concern with ur rss . Don’t know why Unable to subscribe to it. Is there anybody getting identical rss downside? Anyone who knows kindly respond. Thnkx

  18. Gabriella says:

    So this site looked really nice from what my mother and i saw. The pictures of the purses looked really neat, my mom had put one purse she really liked into the cart and I had bought it for her as a birthday gift, I had bought myself one as well! Well 3 weeks later we get a box that had the exact number conformation in my yahoo inbox and the paper that was inside the box. I got the total opposite of what I was suppose to recieve, i got these GUCCI HIGH TOP SHOES THAT COST $400 ! I was so disapointed because it was suppose to be a gift of a purse but instead she recieved a $400 SCAM :( I was so sad that day and I still am, I can’t stop crying. I dont know what to do please help me!

  19. devon says:

    i got scammed buying a puppy and used western union.. is there any way to get money back?

  20. Landy says:

    I’ve purchased an $100 gray UGG Cardy boots from the website on 2/11/11, well actually my teacher purchased them for me with her credit card and I paid her back in cash. Here is the situation, the boots we purchased was a fake and not what it promised to be, the bottom of the boots was glued on and it was not genuine sheepskin like they promised. It barely had ANY fur inside! I tried to cancel my purchase the next day by sending them a email ([email protected]) but the email does not even exist! I waited to see if they will sent me an email about my tracking number but they never emailed me about anything! I went to the website again and the website disappeared as well! My teacher checked her credit card and on her billing it said a different website then the one we purchased from and that website came from China. When I received the boots on 2/23/11 I found out it was shipped from Shanghai, China. On the mail waybill, it only stated who the sent the package, city, country, and company (Electric Commerce Company, Ltd. Shanghai Jiao Rong) it was not even an shoe company. I did not even know and I was expecting a genuine UGG AUSTRALIA boots! And yesterday I went to DSW shoe store and I they sell real UGGs and it was for the same price I bought it for! I am wondering if I can reject the package and get my money back? But the website disappeared and there is no way to contact them! What should I do?!! Its been a month and I don’t know what to do! Please answer ASAP before its too late! Please help me! Thank you!

  21. Landy says:

    my email is [email protected] please tell me what I should do! Thank you!

  22. alison says:

    hi my mother in law has just been scammed by someone claiming to have some inheritance due to her but she has paid over $30,000 how do we go about helping her with this

  23. Stephanie says:


    I have been scammed by a website . I should have known it was “too good to be true”. I was in email contact with the “sales manager” transferred $1732 via paypal on march 7th. The emails have stopped, and I have been duped! I opened up a dispute on paypal this morning and also emailed the “company” demanding my money be returned or I am taking legal action. Since the money has already been transferred, can my bank still help me?

  24. Lei says:

    I just got scammed by I did not realize they were using bots on their auctions and wasted over $200. :/

  25. Jack Teall says:

    I was trying to buy a car via this website after seeing it advertised. It has been 2 weeks, the website has been closed down and the bank has said they are unable to do anything. I paid the guy via CHAPS. Does anyone know how I can, if at all, get my money back? as it stands I have to pay back an 8000 loan with nothing to show for it. I am in the UK. Any advice would be appreciated.


  26. tiffany says:

    hello,i think im getting scammed. i pay pal the company an had an awful feeling. so today, i thot i would call the company in china an ‘NO COMPANY EXSIST’ i had googled the companys name an it popped up, makeing it look legit. when i sent thru pay pal, it was confirmed right away. does that mean i cant put a hold on the payment? please help me. im about to loose over 2,000 dollars. an now, the lady who was helping is ignoring me. what should i do. the company is call Guangzhou Fucun Garment Accessories Co Ltd. please if you can get back to me ASAP. i made a payment friday night, an cant get to the bank til monday. any suggestions, i would really appreciate it.

  27. tiffany says:

    hello, this is tiffany again. i just want to thank you kyle!! i did exactly what you said. i put a stop on payment thru my bank, even though i paid a fee, im glad i did! thank you, thank you!! i was so lost an felt useless. im soo glad i found your site. you helped me an my family out!! its so sad that there is alot of ppl out there that will do anything to scam ppl out of alot of money. all i can say is be careful an aware. if it dont feel right, DONT DO IT! this situation consummed me for 4days, just worried sick an didnt sleep at all! please dont let this happen to you. dont use western union or money gram. its safer to use your credit card. so if you get scammed, the credit card company can get that money back. i had no idea that i could put stop payment! but im glad i came across this blog. THANK YOU KYLE!!!

  28. kristy hudson says:

    Okay, so i bought items on,obviously a mistake, i payed via a debit. for wells fargo bank. my order is “on hold” supposedly,but they already took the money out of the bank. how do i get it back. it just happened. please help.

  29. judy castle says:

    DON’T give them your credit card #, I have just been scammed for almost $400.00 when I didn’t expenct anything but a free trial bottle of pills. When I called them they told me that I has purchased a lifetime membership to a site giving me pretty much everything I can get online for free, recepe’s, access to trainers, advice, a weight loss journal etc. I am a senior and feel so stupit that I did not clue in. To date I still have not received a site address or password to even get these things.

  30. Pauline says:

    Please do not buy anything from this website or anything from a woman called Jenny sparks. I have just got scammed. I have spent over £1500 on two shoathaie kittens they were meant to arrive at my house two days ago. pettravelinternational sent me an email saying the kitten had dead becuase they got the flu. I feel heartbroken I have been ripped off. I pay cash at a western union bank they said they can not help me, I have repoeted it to the police but they cannot do much. Is there anyway of tracting these people. there phone number now are all disconnected and they have stopped responding to my email. I have asked them to deposit the money straight back to me via the same way i sent the money to them. I think now I have lost my money. dont anyone please know of a way I can get my money bac. thanks guys

  31. Dave Jones says:

    I got scammed by tele marketing offering shares in Gold
    Since found out it was a “Boiler room ” set up
    The name of the company Kaferberg Trading.
    Richard Novack & Charles Giggs are the scam men DON’T have anything to do with them they seemed legit but conned me the money will bring them bad luck though it’s cursed

  32. Veronica says:

    I think I got scammed from I order a bride dress online a week ago and the money already came out of my bank account but I haven’t gotten any emails from the company. There’s no phone number on the site and I’ve email them twice without any response. Does anybody know if it’s a real company? What do I do to find out or report them? I need my wedding dress:( please help!!

  33. Dean Blake says:

    I just got scammed out of $3500 western union. I found a car on craigslist and contacted the sell through email. we coresponded about 8 emails about milelage and vehicle condition and the buying process. Nancy Hollington was the name used and [email protected] is th email she used. she said that she posted the truck on craigslist and ebay and gave me the link to look at the truck on ebay. which i did. it was very legitimate looking. official ebay page and address. then i was promply contacted by ebay via email with a case ID number and all this “official” looking information like all the sellers info and my info and the car info and a set of instructions for payment using western union. i honestly felt comfortable with the trasaction until right after i sent the money and remember them saying that the shipping would take 2 days and it was free for a vehicle because the lady was in the army and the military was paying for that because she was being deployed. at the time i was like awesome free shipping. went and sent the money drove and hour back home called western union and the money was gone already. all the emails that we had sent plus all of the emails from “ebay” dissappeard out of my email inbox. gone. vanished. like they were on self destruct. so i dont have copies of the emails but i did file a complaint with the FBI which im sure is where that will end. lol not expecting much. i know ultimately it was my fault for sending cash but i got scammed. and it was a sophisitcated well thought out plan and executed with experience and precision. so be careful out there in cyber land you may be smart but all a scam is, is a one time hustle. so thats all it takes is for you to let your guard down one time for a second. 3K down the toliet. stay sharp.

  34. Dean Blake says:

    btw i had never used ebay to purchase anything so i had no idea that that was outside of their protocol because they use pay pal and such things. expensive lesson to learn but consider it learned. thats for sure. wisen up.

  35. luke says:

    hi there, as cara above i have been scammed by one mrs ainsworth except this time the user is called samantha Ainsworth, this has only happened within the past couple of days is there any way i can get my money back?

  36. Minzy says:

    I bought one bag from them in a large size and paid of higher price. I receive the bag in the mail, and not only is it the wrong back, it is damaged and scratched up in the wrong color! I tell him this and he says to just keep the bag and will not refund the difference (between the expensive bag i paid for and the inexpensive one he sent me)

    Do not buy from him. Contact information:
    # [email protected]
    ioffer id: BOTTOMPRICE


  37. Kyle says:

    hello, this is tiffany again. i just want to thank you kyle!! i did exactly what you said. i put a stop on payment thru my bank, even though i paid a fee, im glad i did! thank you, thank you!! i was so lost an felt useles

    Tiffany! I am so glad to hear that this worked for you as well. I guess good things can happen to good people :)

    Take care everybody! Literally… ;)

  38. Kathleen says:

    Grrr!!! I got scammed by! I ordered several dresses and paid in full including the shipping fee and later I realize that my order is not complete and that they did not pay for the shipping. I chatted their representative from who were all so dumb that I really find it hard for them to understand english and guess what? They replied :( . I may not be able to get my money back but I want to prevent anyone from experiencing the same so guys.. get rid of this website : WHOLESALEDRESS.NET.

  39. laura says:

    hi i also just got scammed buying a so called yorkie! the owner sent me fake pictures and asked me to send 150 and then that he would send the dog then he never sent it but kept making up all kinds of excuses that he needed 300 more to send the dog to me i paid with money gram idk wat to do about it!?

  40. Ellie says:

    Dear Kyle,

    Hello my name is Ellie and i’m just upset about online ordered recently. I was wondering you if can suggestion what to do next step to get my money back. I been emailing back and forth, even I send the pics for pass month and didn’t go no where, now customer service people put spam on my email so now doesn’t go through my emails anymore. I ordered online “tidebuy” to get my formal dress and I’ve got the dress but it was wrong dress they send it. They said it was send it to wrong place but they wanted to send another dress but it was too late because I didn’t had time, so I still got the wrong dress.

    Thank you,

  41. Cody says:

    What if i sent money by western union how can i get that back?

  42. Ami botello says:

    I got scammed 69 dollars through my credit card I kept searching online after I bought it was stuffing envelopes !! Ha what a joke right I want my money back what do I do also if any one reads this assemble4revenue is a scam as well

  43. Kyle says:


    Western Union is very difficult to deal with and hard to actually get your money back. How did you fund your transfer? Did you pay cash, credit card or bank transfer to wire the money?

  44. Kyle says:


    If you paid via credit card you should call the number on the back of your card and explain to them that you didn’t receive your item(s). That is your best bet.

  45. Kyle says:


    It really all depends on how you paid. You should call your credit card company if you paid via credit card. Call your bank if you paid via wire transfer. And so on.

    Sorry for the late reply, too. Did you end up resolving this problem?

  46. shamid simmons says:

    Yes i got my window fix by bussey and they dent give me my parts gave me old parts

  47. Linda Abramson says:

    I’ve been scammed to the tune of $399.00 by an online “tax advisor”. I talked to a Jordan Schlam (a salesman, not a CPA or tax attorney) and told him we were having tax problems. He advised me for $399.00 they could “take care of everything.” I was pleasantly surprised and that same day called and used my Union Bank Mastercard to pay this “reasonable fee.” They sent us pages and pages and pages of little tiny text outlining what would come next. What they didn’t tell me was that a second person, another salesman, would call and say it would cost me nearly $5,000.00 to handle my tax problems.

    We told him to forget it and to return us our money.

    Of course he did not. So I contacted Union Bank and told them what had happened. They iniitally took the $399.00 debit and put it back into my accont while they investigated the matter.

    Two months later I get a letter saying they’ve decided I was not entitled to reimbursement of the $399.00.

    The salesman (or scammer) told me, im his own words, that the $399.00 would take care of all our tax problems.

    It was the second scammer who told us it would cost us $5,000.00.

    So once Union Bank re-deposited the $399.00 I felt reassured. Then 6 weeks later I get the letter telling me they’re going to take back the $399.00 because I had no legal right. They read the letter from the con artist and he was so reasnable and so cautious it was a work of art.

    So Monday I will go to my local Union bank and set out the entire scam and try an get them to reconsider their decision.

    Otherwise, what ccan I do? Neither Mastercard nor Union is willing to act in my best interests but instead in the best interessts of the scammers.

  48. marty shelton says:

    bought a boat on ebay. thought i was protected. wired money to his bank account. never heard from him again. never buy from this punk. his email is [email protected]

  49. jah says:

    i was scammed by
    3000AUD payed through western union
    anyone has any ideas on how to go about anything would be great help

  50. jeremy parker says:

    Has anyone ever been scamming using bitcoin? I know bitcoin is new but so far I’ve heard no bad stories…

  51. Kyle says:

    I don’t think you can really get scammed using Bitcoin. From a technical aspect, it is extremely secure. Unless you foolishly “finalize early” before you receive your product, you can get scammed on Bitcoin. But seriously, don’t EVER finalize early – except in rare circumstances where you have a report with the vendor.

  52. dude whos pissed off says:

    avoid these bast*rds a computer wholesale website there are bunch of scammers was scammed out of 490usd,

  53. Paige says:

    I have been getting sham job offers. One place said all they needed was for me to get a credit report. What I failed to notice initially was that if I scrolled over the name of the sender, it revealed a porn-sounding name as the email address. Unfortunately, I also clicked on the link, which initially takes you to a credit-report site, until you click it again, when it brings up a whole host of “interesting” sites I’d gladly have missed. But ofcourse the first one looks legit. And it might have been, got my credit rating and then cancelled the membership. Hopefully I’m only out $1.00. What I’m more afraid of is finding out that there are suddenly a bunch of new cards in my name, or purchases made on my debit card (wouldn’t get them too far, but new cards would). THEN what do I do?

  54. Dennis Smith says:

    Google says the $200.00 in my account will drop off after 14 days. Can I believe that is going to happen if I make no purchases or investments with my money ? Why couldn’t they just cancel the transactions and credit the money back to my credit card? I don’t know how to get out of this. [email protected].

  55. louise says:

    Kyle if i use a prepaid mastercard and get scammed. Am i still protected?

  56. Kyle says:

    I’m not 100% sure, but I would look on the back of your card for a phone number to call. I would imagine that is one of the benefits of using pre-paid cards, but then again I’ve never used them. Look for the number and let them know the charge was fraudulent.

  57. Sunshine says:

    To whom it mat concern:

    I am reporting this because I don’t really know what to do now.
    I am Sunshine Grace Pleños, residing in Lapu-lapu City Cebu.
    I was searching in the internet about laptops and I found this site offering laptops.
    So I contacted their connects I follow all the instructions.
    And we are communicating through Skype and yahoo messenger.
    And I confirmed my order as 3 Toshiba Satellite Laptops and 1 apple mac book air.
    And I paid $345 for all the items through their “manager” Mr. You Fang Yang.
    And now they want me to pay for taxes and charges and logos for it. I needed to pay $110 for it.
    I Which I refused to pay, and they say that the Hong Kong customs will sell the laptops if I cant
    pay for it. And now I don’t know what to do now,
    They say they used DHL express and thus gave me tracking number: RA 574087189 CN
    Please help me, what to do now.
    Here is their website
    Here is their contact:
    Address:Room 13E, Building A, Huaqiang Garden, East Of Fuhong Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
    MSN:[email protected]
    Yahoo:[email protected]
    E-mail:[email protected]

    I attached my copy payment through western union:

    Sunshine Grace

  58. Deen says:

    I was scammed I paid through and I have the reference number and it was a Bank transfer can I reverse the payment now ?

  59. the says:

    is a scam?? i paid $924 for imac

  60. ana says:

    Hi nema is ana well i have been scam i fund this toyota tacoma 2006 in craiglist for only $3,800 so i email the seller her name is Alexandra Bwey so she said that we will do the transaction by google checkout and i got a invoce asking to send the money by wire so i did send the money to a gay neme kenneth rober clouse than like 2 day leter i get a phone call saying that i have to go to my bank and cancel that wired and send the money to another bank acc couse ther agent was out of the contry bout my bank said they cant get my money back and i fund out that google checkot dont take wired or weter union…. i know i may not get my money back but i like for people to know that google dosnot take wired or wester union

  61. Turab M Awan says:

    Can someone please help me, I didn’t pay through paypal, and I got scammed, I haven’t got my snapbacks and it has been 3 weeks since I ordered them, I’ve tried to contact the seller, but It has been 2 weeks now, and I haven’t got my any replies, please help!

  62. Brenda says:

    yup so i got scammed as well… is fraud…. thought the site looked legit But not so…..So i was able to log on and track my package, had it delivered to my home but was not able to recieve since the package had the wrong name on it the post office would not give to me…..have been emailing the site but no reply..oh i also ca’ t log on to my account with them because the site does not recognize my email….At this point i truly feel sick about the issue…

  63. Shell says:

    I know how you all feel. I fell for the Western Union scam recently. I feel truely sick and embarressed. Unfortuneatly I paid in cash so I basically have no recourse but to live and learn from it. :(

  64. J. Holland says:

    Ive just gone through this and my bank wont cover it. I did NOT use Paypal. My bank says since I willingly gave them my cc information, I am responsible. This fake web site claimed to have authentic Louis Vuitton products. They committed copyright infringement and used the real photos of handbags to make you think it was a real web site. My invoice was for $343.02. The bank statement said differently when the charge came through. there was an additional 49 and change extra.
    I screamed and yelled in emails to these people and the girl said they can issue a refund if I agree to pay them 10% of the charge. They called it various bank fees. I call it extortion.
    I had to agree. I had no choice. My best friend said shes purchased from bogus sites before but her bank covered it when she filled out a dispute form. I tried the same thing and the branch manager said since I freely and willingly gave them my info, they couldnt do anything about it.
    She had contacted the fraud dept and this didnt fall under the category for a dispute. Hmmmm. I have over $100,000 in that bank and I think I should pull it and go elsewhere dont you?
    I retaliated by committing myself to creating pages and pages and pages of ripoff reports about this web site. I will ruin any chances of sales to other people.
    Now…time to go look for a new bank.

  65. J. Holland says:

    I got a little further then you. A woman named Phoebe emailed me. (See my comment below) She told me in order to receive a refund I would have to pay them 10% of the full price I paid for various bank fees. My bank told me since I willingly gave them my cc information they cant help me and I cannot fill out a dispute form. I think they should help me since they wouldnt want me to pull my large amount of money out of their bank but hey. Too bad for them. now has several pages of ripoff reports about them showing up on a google search. Brenda? Please do a few of those as well ok? the more ripoff reports that show up, then NO ONE will buy from them and they’ll be forced to shut down the site. they may open another one but it will cost a lot of money to do so and Im going to follow them around and shut down every site they open. You can go to to file a report and tell you story. Im not expecting any refund even tho they said it has been issued and on its way.

  66. J. Holland says:

    Wanted to add after reading a few other posts here that when I called my bank in the very beginning to try and stop the payment from even going through, the branch manager said I couldnt because it had already been authorized. I was stuck. Again, even tho I was fooled and scammed I think my bank should have backed me up.

  67. J. Holland says:

    The original post above needs to add additional info for people who did NOT use Paypal. Of COURSE Paypal gives you your money back. they always protect the buyer. Now post information for folks who didnt use them and just used a regular credit card. Not so easy now is it?

  68. We went online to where 2 Yamaha SHO FZS jet skis on trailer were listed with 5 and 6 hours. They come on the trailer. Asking price was $5,500.00. The site said they were in Houston, TX; but it turned out they were in England (or so the seller said). We accepted the sales price and was told the seller (Diane Foster–either AKA Jane Packet or two different people) who told us she would ship the jet skis via British Transport (also not real). Daniel Preston, general manager of the bogus British Transport company even called us and gave directions on how to send bank draft to their account. I Have the address of the bank, bank account # and everything. We waited 2 weeks when the jet skis were due to arrive. They didn’t ever come. The night we should have received them, we went back on and guess what. The same skis were there for sale again! They even sent pictures with VIN # on them so if anyone needs to know, I have the vin #’s . The bank is attempting to get the money back, but we were told it is a very long shot.

  69. ChicaBB says:

    Please can u help me kyle…. i went to a webpage that this person was giving in adoption a dog.. this person say that didn’t want money for the pet but only i needed to pay the shipping so i did… i send money by western union i pay the western union with my debit card..$265 dollars and then OK next day supposedly the agency that was transporting the dog needed for me to pay the insure of the dog..asking for $300 dlls. their when i start to doubt.

  70. anonymous says: is a scam website, iv paid nearly 200£ and after a month of excuses still aint recieved the items or a reply for a while!

  71. J Kennedy says:

    DO NOT buy anything on I ordered a nice coin set a month ago and they have still not sent my order nor will they provide me a tracking number for the order which “supposedly” shioped a week ago priority mail USPS. They charged my credit card right away. They have never responded to contact attempts by email and today they aren’t answering their phone. I have spoken with a “Sean” there but everything is very suspicious, especially with side-stepping my repeated requests for tracking info.
    Has anyone ever reported their scam experience to the BBB? Any suggestions? It is awful to provide your payment in good faith and to be treated like this in today’s economy.

  72. Antonio says:

    I just got scammed by a so called loan company by the name of Hammock credit solutions.I didn’t have credit but in desprate need of a installment loan.didn’t have a co-signer so I accepted the option of prepay which was 3mths upfront at $136.00 a month.this came up to be $408.00 I money gramed the and was told tht a $3000.00 would be in my account in 4 hours.when it wasn’t, I called back to ask the problem..Now they wanted me to send 300.00 more for insurance purposes which was not at all mentioned until they recieved my $408.00 . Now im out indanger of haveing my water turned of & my furniture repoed..I feel truly stupid

  73. JOHN HUFFMAN says:

    OIL FOREX PROFITS (HYIP) is a scam. Don’t believe the reports that they are paying big bucks. They only pay small amounts to lure in the BIG investors. If the do pay large amounts, it’s only to members in their scam club. If you are tired of losing money in HYIP’s, I have found some with long term track records that actually are really paying very well. Just contact me with the WORDS’S “SHOW ME THE MONEY” in the subject line.

  74. helen knez says:

    I went to buy a grey african online and it sounded to good to be true. I wanted to pay by paypal and he would not accept. I had to go thru moneygram. I sent the money and well no parrot. I have is address and phone but I dont think they are legite. I have a detective looking into it. I learned my lesson and want my money back and him stopped. helen

  75. victim says:

    I got scammed by snapDollars. After many years working online for them. when I cash out my first payment, they just do not pay me. No one return emails, no one answer their phones, no one return my calls. they just simply keep my money. and then I found on Internet so many people complaint about snapDollars for the same thing.

  76. victim says:

    I mean

  77. P says:

    Antonio, did you ever get your money back? Please reply, together we can put these scammers to an end. I have been doin extensive research on this company and they seem to be scammers.


  78. Kyle says:

    I’ve used them before as well. Your only option is to sue them in civil court… Unfortunately they will probably get away with this unless you take it to court. It probably wouldn’t be worth it. Sorry :(

  79. Kyle says:

    Hey Chica,

    Sorry to hear about your situation. Please be sure to remind yourself not to beat yourself up about what happened. These people are professional scum bags.

    I would get your Western Union transaction information ready and call their hotline at 1-800-448-1492

    Also, read this article.

    Best of luck to you

  80. Rohan says:

    I got scammed by a website which will Chinese, the shoes were taken by the uk boder agency and ihvae not got my money back. This is occurred recently the website was

    Please help I have lost £90

  81. cat says:

    Hi, I am going through that now….I was dumb and fell for it all and now I am out of 1200 dollars…I saved every email, transaction recpt…I paid things thinking I was going to get my money within the 1.5 hour timeframe…needless to say, I have screwed my self…I am reaching out to lawyers to find out what I can do…I should have known better n just been patient but who couldn’t use 5000 extra dollars…the rate was low, terms were good…I thought it was a great deal…

  82. Maria says:

    I paid for a shirt from Jamaican Apparel throught paypal over a month ago. I emailed the merchant asking for a refund after 3 weeks of not receiving the product. I have yet to receive the shirt or the refund. I contacted paypal to report the scam. I still need my money

  83. lucas says:

    got scammed by empire vehicle solution, they charge you ad fee to posted up your car on FREE website and your car will never get sold…They just scam off your ad fee and live on that…I already called my credit card company and they said the transaction is not fully processed and the only thing they can do is to wait and if the transaction is processed, they will mail me a fraud letter that I have to sign and return, so hopefully I can get my $200 back…I feel so stupid to trust them and I should do my research before I give them my credit card number!!! DO NOT BELIEVE EMPIRE VEHICLE SOLUTION PPL

  84. anthony says:

    conmen deserve to die slowly

  85. shylee says:

    Nobody buy from a Mike ogden ( [email protected] ) He is a scammer from kijiji. I sent him money through an email transfer for a iphone 4s. It was my own stupidity, I had never bought anything online before! He told me it would arrive the following Monday, when it didn’t show I asked for a tracking # he finally emailed me back saying he was in an accident and appolgozied for late response, he said he checked in with the ‘mail guys’ and said that cause of hurricane sandy the couriers are set back a few days, which makes sense sure. And he last seen it was scanned in Winnipeg, Manitoba. ( I live in saskatchewan) And if it didn’t come we would file a non-delivery case for fedex. He won’t email me back, his # doesn’t work anymore. What a mean, ignorant, stupid thing to do to someone. Piece of shit. haha so JUST TO WARN EVERYONE.

  86. Jody says:

    I actually just went through this whole situation on a car scam that cost me $1000 that I put down on a car through PayPal. I was searching the term representment procedure (from the paypal email) and found this. PayPal has subtracted the $1000 from my paypal account after my bank rejected the debit. How long did it take for PayPal to put the money back in your Paypal account? Thanks so much!

  87. lenora says:

    I have recently been scammed out of £150 in total. I was very weary about this person promising me a loan. I said that I was not going to pay any upfront fees but they persuaded me that I would get it back with the loan it was just for processing the loan. I stupidly sent £100 by Western Union online and paid by my Visa Debit Card to set up the loan application account. They then asked for £300 to transfer the money I said no and told them they were scammers. They sent me a copy of their passport picture, emails from people who I was led to believe had recently had successful loans, one email had a passport picture of the people getting the loan. After 2 weeks of saying I was not going to send any more money they persuaded me that they persuaded the bank to accept just £50 to transfer the money which I believed and they sent me realistic transfer documents from the Bank showing details of the loan with all my details. I sent another payment for £50 by Western Union online transfer by Visa Debit Card but then they asked for another £300 which I then knew was a scam. I was so upset as I had stupidly told them that I was a single mum struggling and they played on that, kept promising them that they were a christian and that I would get the loan just trust them. Does anyone know if I would be able to get my money back if I paid by a Visa Debit Card, any advice would be welcome please.


  88. studpid says:

    I have recently be scammed by the google, Canada goose onlint outlet for $289.55 using my credit card. I don’t think I can get the money back. i dont’ trust the credit card companies which told me to pay for my bill from them first

  89. Gladys says:

    i recently scammed by the home revenue system(online job) they charged me $156.90 but i called the merchant that i want to cancel my account and get my refund,they only refund $99.62 so the rest is for the refund charged they okay!but now when i called again my credit card bank they said that i have $156.90 $99.62 $99.62 charged in my credit card!what am i gonna do?i’m hoping that i’m going to pay is the refund charged but they still charging me when i already cancelled my account

  90. Daniel says:

    I just found out that I got scammer after sending a total of 3,000!!! Via western union!!! Pls help! How do I get my money back. The scammer is still talking to me and I’m just playing along!!!.

  91. Rishy says:

    Omg just happened to me to !!! I am out $350

  92. Rishy says:

    I can’t believe I went through this same exact thing no word i filed a report with the police station

  93. Rishy says:

    He used the same exact accident story with me as well but the email address is different and he chatted with me through text plus he posed himself as a Rogers supervisor and sent me photos of the item for sale !!! He said he is in Quebec the Atlantic region office

  94. Jessy says:

    I just found out that i was scammed out of $850.00 towards a car online, VIA WESTERN UNION!!!. I don’t know what to do i just found out a few moments ago that it was a scam! it was through google checkout! Please help me.

  95. Janine says:

    Hi everyone, I got scammed by an employer, rhrough western union, the sender isy sister and the receiver is me but whem she checked it in western union they said it’s already picked up by someone else and it wasnt me. My sister just sent it yesterday.. Could someone please help us get our money back?? Its 820 pounds.. Please tell me what to do and thank youuu hope someone vould advise me what to do.

  96. Devi says:

    @ Danie: So do I :( :( Did you get your money back? Is there any possibility??

  97. Devi says:

    Please let me know if there’s any way out..

  98. Ngoc Ngo says:

    I live in Australia, can help what do I do now, I have a friend in the UK sent me the goods, it is now to thailand but at Customs thailand detected in the goods have amounted to 8,000 pounds,then I get eamail out fine, I paid for them, then they demanded that I pay more insurance and I paid again and now they are asking me to pay a fine housekeeping mon 3 days.I do not know how it can help me the best way is not bad, have problems with the law. I do not speak his lines and did not know the law to be penalized, should not I pay them moreso but I do not know when it came to Australia I have a problem please help me solve this problem

  99. koms says:

    I got SCAMMEDD!!! PLZ help me. I show one online job add on I contact that guy, he replied me that he is certified accountant and want me to assist him. later on he called me for interview and even i didnt do well on interview, he mailed me after 2 days that i am qualified for job. he send me check of $ 3900 and ask me to deposit it in bank. I did so. than he ask me to withdraw money and send it to texas via western union because he want to send me some equipment to do that job. i sent $ 3100 money to texas and after 5 days i found that check was FFFAAAKKKEEE. so, now i am in very big trouble, i dont have money to survive. It takes me a year to earn this much of money.. please help me.. I am so depressed. I am feeling like i am the biggest fool of this world..

  100. kyle rankinwon says:

    I know the website:, its shoes are not bad. I buy 2 pairs from the website, they are too small for me, Then they said just pay £50 and get the other 2 new Nike shoes. So, they are good.

  101. kyle rankinwon says:

    hi,I know the website: its shoes are good items, not bad. the people is good too. my 2 pairs shoes are too small, and they said, just pay another £50 and get another 2 new pairs shoes! No bad!

  102. Devi says:

    @koms: Am also fooled in the same way as you. seems when we wire the money its gone forever and cannot be tracked :( These fraud acts should come to an end..

  103. he ripped me off of a car and $2500 back in August in Calgary..

  104. Rishy: What email did you have for him and phone number?

  105. koms says:

    Hi Devi, did u complain to police. how much money did you loose?

  106. Rishy says:

    Started with a 581 and the email was a Rogers domain

  107. Kevn G says:

    yeh same story here a car accident and no phone he is hitting kijiji and craigslist, Email used was [email protected]…com phone number was 581.703.1847. I got the accident story on Nov 18th he was supposedly driving while texting, but the number after further investigation seems to be a voip line.

  108. Devi says:

    Hi Kom, yea, $ 3300 :( :(

  109. Kevn says:

    I got told the car accident story on Nov 18th, it worked I stopped being so suspicious. His other email is [email protected], and he is using a 581-703-1847 voip number that happens to do sms.

  110. Rishy says:

    Yes exact same thing and contact info he also has a gmail account

  111. koms says:

    HI Devi plz share your Email ID , if you dont mind..

  112. Trisha says:

    I was scammed out of $3,000.00 for buying a car on craigslist the seller said to western union the $ to an ebay agent so both parties were covered well I sent the money and received no vehicle and now cannot get my money back she claims to be tamara pottery and the so called ebay guy is Alex Sean Cooper.. The vehicle is on craigslist forsale again its an 04 FORD F150 for 2,980.00

  113. Peter says:

    He is back in business now after releasing from jail a while ago.

  114. Mike Ogden scammed us for Samsung Note 2. No delivery and end up no show. But our money is gone. Facebook:

  115. Zachariah A Lloyd says:

    I fell for what has turned out to be a well known online scam, called EasyCashCode Commissions. The initial offer was for a “refundable” $49 payment to get started, and then it kept taking me to other videos which were offering other things to buy, which like an idiot, I also bought into, except for one of them due to lack of funds. In any case, I have received next to nothing from these people for hundreds of dollars they got from my bank account, and just last week I got two more charges from them that I cannot identify…. One was for $202.11, and the other was for $50.27, and I know they were from this cashcode deal because next to the payment was the line PES*CASHCODE. When I initially signed on with these people, there was an offer of a money back guarantee, if I was not satisfied, but there has been no way to contact them to request this besides an Email form you can fill out and then wait for a response!! How do I get these people OUT of my bank account??

  116. Gabe. says:

    Well. almost same thing here. Rogers supervisor. Quebec city. Selling phones for his department. Report to police with his chequing account number and the conversation logs. Thanks God my friend is a policeman who can offer help. Will see him behind bars soon unless he left Canada. Anyone with more information should post here. (

  117. Gabe. says:

    This is a sample of his ads that I managed to obtain before he took everything offline from kijiji and craigslist. Hopefully people will see this and wont fall for this scam.


    Its mike from rogers here

    Check out these great gift giving ideas.

    Selling a bunch of smart phones which were supposed to be used as field test units but now we have about four batches that came at the same time. Please see list for more info


    Text 581 703 1847
    As the topic states! if you want a smartphone im selling a few of them

    all phones come with rogers handset protection plan

    HTC Windows Phone 8x 16GB
    Quantities: Black 7 Blue 4
    Price $400
    Condition – New in box
    Size: 16GB

    Apple Iphone 4s
    Quantities Available: 8 Black, 4 White
    Price: $450 or best offer
    Condition: New in box with accessories and warranty from apple
    Size: 32GB

  118. Scam revenge says:

    This person scammed me I have the bank details beware 60-10-33 12109150 Natwest Miss k l stone

  119. sandra says:

    Bought ipod 32gb online with WAEplus, did not arrive when contacted could not give me delivery date so asked for a refund, still waiting keep phoning but nothing happening . This company is very hard to contact what can i do ????

  120. Gabe: Michael Berkeley Ogden has last been known to be in St. Johns Newfoundland. I have traced him to there as he put an ad posing as someone who would be installing Audio Systems. I have a number for him there.

  121. Gabe says:

    Thanks for the info. Mike, do you mean his voip number as shown above? I had discussed with my RCMP friend about that POS. I guess as long as we have sufficient info to nail him down, putting him in jail again is possible.

  122. annonymus says:

    I’ve been scammed. I applied for a loan from merrywood and some how loads of other loan companys have my bank details, I went to the bank and I have had £216 taken out by 5 loan companys and because that’s all I had in there the others got decined of taking anymore out, its right on top of christmas and I need the money refunded asap! How can I go about this?

  123. Natasha says:

    i used a prepaid credit card and got scammed 300.00 i have opened the dispute they are practically laughing at me telling me to send proof of the item which i did many times they say close the light on the computer then they say go outside and so on its terrible. i have been scammed and laughed at.

  124. feuerbach says:

    I got scammed too. The worst thing is Paypal protects the scammers!
    How did they work?
    -They bought an item of me through
    -They did not respond to the actual add with their e-mail, but to another item I had up for sale.
    -They payed for the item through Paypal, without a shipping adress. I had to find out what that was, and found it after a while.
    Now I must say, if you send items without the shipping adress being mentioned on the Paypal payment, Paypal will never refund you! Something to keep in mind, as I only found out to late!
    -As soon as I sent the tracking code for the shipment they filed a disput with Paypal, stating they did not recieve the item. The same day the disput was changed into a claim. This means Paypal holds on to the payment. Paypal now asks for prove, and that you have of course, as you shipped the item out.
    The scammers then say the packet was empty. Without any proof the scammers get to keep their money and your item.!

    I my case the scammers were form the UK.

    I filed a report of ineternet fraud against them, but all the police could tell me was they are known scammers.

    The name of the scammers I lost my money to are;

    Mark Slater

    2 / 4 bristow ave Ashton, Preston? Lancasire pr21je

    On the paypal payment they state;

    hpc sales

    [email protected]

    Do not, and I repeat; do not do any business with these people! They are scammers. They even had the nerve to send me an e-mail telling me I am the loser, loosing my money and my sent item. You are warned!

  125. n dent says:

    I recently ordered 2 iPod touch’s from an online Merchant known as The payment accepted was by using a Green Dot MoneyPak card, I was sent an email from them stateing to load the card and email them with the code when finished, I did that on Thursday Nov. 29 2012,(that should have been my first clue) I didnt that for $218.00. They then sent me an email stateing that my items would ship out on Sat. 12/1/12 via UPS 3-5 day shipping and I would recieve a shipping comfirmation within 24hrs prior to shipment (second clue..a Saturday shipment..humm). On December 5th when I had not recieved any email confirmation of the shipment I sent them an email enquiring about the shipment of my items. They responded the same day stateing that the # was wrong in thier inventory so they had to order more items, they were expected to recieve their shipment on Monday Dec 10th and I would recieve an email conf and tracking # within 24hrs again. But if I wanted a refund they would do that but I should allow 7-10 days, I opted not to do the refund because it was already getting too close to replace items that I had already sent my payment for, plus that was all the funds I had for those items. On Dec. 18th I still had not recieved an email shipment confirmation or my items, so I emailed them again and got no response. Since then I have emailed them everyother day to daily and have gotten no responce from them at all. Is there any way I can get my money back for this type of transaction. I authorized them I guess by giving them the green dot money pack numbers, which I dont know that i even have still. Please if anyone has any suggestions, Im open, these were Christmas gifts for my Children and its bad enuf they didnt have them on Christmas….but like I stated above…I had no extra funds to go buy different ones for them.

  126. mikehendrick says:

    At Gabe….I have no idea if it is a VOIP line or what I had but I know he was accepting calls on it or texts.

  127. mikehendrick says:

    At Gabe: Sorry this is the number I had for him….351-1614…It was a local newfoundland number.

  128. Joseph says:

    So I bought a wallet off of everything seemed fine until I went to checkout. I was redirected to a it seemed well sketchy but what can I say! I looked further into it, and it says orders have been fulfilled but have been some unhappy customers recieving fakes, the real deal just wrong color, or even no item at all! I’m starting to fret but am looking how to save myself if I am in danger of money loss… and possibly stupidity…..

  129. Stephen M. says:

    Paypal does NOT always play it straight with the consumer (victim). Try using Paypal on Ebay, and find out the hard way. If not for the bank’s intervention, Paypal would have bent over backwards for the seller (scammer). Paypal WANTS its transaction fees. Their customer service (more like DISservice) SUCKS!

  130. mikehendrick says:

    we have another number for him…sounds like he is in Calgary/Edmonton again. New number 587-330-4679

  131. neena says:

    I had been scammed this month will be a year since it happened. That was all the money I had in my account it took years to save. I was pregnant at the time some of that money suppose to be used for the baby in also I can stop working early cause I had money saved.Anyway I was send an e-mail one day he used nickolas as his name he said that he was looking for a person in wanting to know if we are related I do have a uncle by that name so I said yes he said that my uncle is dead which he is in that he had money in a bank that can be received by the next of kin his wife is dead also. so any relative can receive it. All I had to do is pay for the document to be put in my name.All the documents looked real in he was telling me things about my uncle that was true where did he get that information I do not no. The whole process was like three weeks I had send him by bank transfer 4000 us dollars before I had send it I took the documents to a friend to get some advice they told me that those did looked liked real documents. I paid some more money to talk to a lawyer he told me that you never pay for documents when relative left money by then I got in touch with my bank it was too late the money was gone after that I talked to lawyers in police I even filed to the FBI AND IC3 nothing.After I lost the money that year was so bad for me I ended up working until I had the baby.just getting back on my feet but they should do something about these scammers out there.

  132. Kyle says:

    Hi Mike,

    I want to say that I am sorry for your recent “scam” experience. I think that by listing his information here will help get him caught and/or stopped altogether. Any information will help put a stop to these low-life parasites.

    I hope everything works out for you. If not, then at least you know you’re helping to stop this piece of crap.

    Let me/us know if you find out anything else.

  133. Kyle says:

    Have you spoken to your bank representative about what happened? This is a good first step…

  134. Kyle says:

    Unfortunately, you are correct. Paypal and eBay are under the same corporate umbrella. Ironically, your bank is your best friend when trying to reverse a charged that you were scammed on.

    I will do my best to try and amend my original article to cover all different types of scams – especially w/ Paypal.

  135. neena says:

    The same day I had find out I had went straight to the bank and I did talk to a representative in she said that it was too late to stop the wire cause that person already took the money out the bank which was in a female name so now I think he may be working with a couple of people. All the names he use where fake names and disposable cell phones. The bank told me that it was nothing else they can do because I had wire the money on my own will.

  136. Christene says:

    I was scamed The payments I did by by EFT and cash deposito’s How can I get my money back. Untill Today the people still phone me to pay money in to get my Winning funds. Please help me find the people I also open a Police cases but this is over 1 year and nothing is happening……..

  137. V says:

    Hello there:
    First time I’ve ever done this sort of thing, but was accepted online for a personal loan through a private vendor named Valence Money. They requested $60 to process the loan and promised me my loan via EMT immediately upon reciept of this $60 via Western Union. I paid this (as it was the lowest amount anyone had ever offered me) came down to the wire at 6pm I got an email saying that the loan was at the point of transfer but $212 was needed to finalize the loan, immediately red flags went up, I demanded a phone number and business name so I could contact them and research them, was finally given website where I could not find address, but found a Contact Us page, sent an email and eventually got a response from another person confirming that the orginiator of the emails was on their payroll and confirmed my loan amount plus the amount that was needed to get this loan immediately 100% guaranteed. So I borrowed the money from my parents (their mortgage payment by the way) and send the amount again via Western Union, waited all day for an email transfer from said company when again down to the wire at 8pm I got an email from the lady who confirmed the other woman was on their payroll saying they needed another $160 for the lawyers stamp on the loan and again it would be guaranteed to get my loan today. I got mad at the lady and told her that I had borrowed money from two people one of which made my parents mortgage payment bounce and was in really big trouble, I needed a phone number to contact and an address. Again an email came through reassuring me that I will get my loan once I paid this $160 and that would be all that was needed. Needless to say I’m not going to be giving them any more money. I went on their website and noticed that neither of their names are mentioned (Jen Robertson and Debby Lloyd) and also that the testimonials on their page are all from California, but yet the transfers I sent were to Ohio, to a James Wickwire. I can’t believe there are disgusting people out their like this!. Once I found this out I questioned them on it in an email and again demanded a phone number, didn’t get one again, also demanded my loan documents sent to me, but again just another email about her having a heart and guaranteeing and knowing I need the money and that they would send my loan documents to sign once they recieved this payment…..BIG RED FLAG!!!!. I have sent a final email to them telling them that I need the money sent back to me or I will be contacting BBB and the authorities in their state about them, and they have 4 hours to send this back to me. I got an email again but this time the tone changed, saying that I should watch how I speak to them, that she is a boss and not like the other lady, I must be serious if I want the loan and if I wasn’t going to be polite that she would hand the file back over to the other woman and I could take my legal action immediately and forget about waiting for the 4 hours. I don’t know what to do………I am flat broke, and was so looking forward to this loan. I have no food and propane has been cut off at my house. How do I get this money back?

  138. Kyle says:


    You need to call Western Union immediately: 1-800-325-6000. Have ALL of your Western Union documentation with you and organized. More importantly, remain calm with the person on the phone. They may help you or they may not. But staying calm is KEY to getting anywhere.

    Avoid any further contact with the scammer. Do not make an illegal threat to him/her. You CAN make a legal threat, but you need to keep your cool (trust me, it helps).

    Keep us informed about any updates. You MIGHT be able to salvage some of your money from Western Union because the wire transfer happened within United States jurisdiction.

    Regardless, I am sorry for your recent experience with the scumbags of this world. Stay calm. You are in a hellish-type situation. Not all people want to screw you over – in fact, most people want to help you. Never forget that.


  139. Venessa Lewis says:

    Thank you Kyle.
    I also sent a message to the direct email. Emailed the company through the profile option that is on this site. Update. Got an email stating (and I will quote) from this “Debby Lloyd” again.

    “We have gotten your report about our company but they know we are very sincere so it has been resolved that once you pay the $160, your loan will be emailed to you.

  140. Venessa Lewis says:

    Also, I don’t know how it happened, but when I signed up it put me as being in the state of Nevada. I am Canadian though, and live in Ontario.

  141. Yvette J. Hamrin says:

    Hi Kyle, I would like to know, if all mom’s retirement money from the farm, if we will be able to get it back. I filed with’t with all the information, my email is [email protected]. Their is lots to say to you but I have all the paper documents of all the transactions. The total spent on this scam was about $80,000.00 canadian dollars. But, i do have all the western union, bank draft and money grams receipts. Please, help me get my mom’s retirement money back. I met another guy who was going to help me with his friend in Dubai, he is an investigator. My friend’s name is philip [email protected] cell phone number is 580-713-6649 and he told me that he paid his friend $1000.00 for the investigation. Could you find out if their is a investigator in Dubai, handling Philip Benichou business. He told me that he was from Altus, Oklahoma. I sent him all the information and I would like to know, if he didn’t rip us off for our money there??? Or was this another scammer???The other one is on,, his name on their stamped fake on the picture is Edward Malinoski.
    Please, help me get my mother’s retirement back Kyle, I am looking forward to hearing from you, ok.
    sincerely yours,

  142. gigi says:

    kyle I need ur help…. i went to a webpage that this person was giving in adoption a dog.. this person say that didn’t want money for the pet but only i needed to pay the shipping so i did… i send money by money gram i pay the money gram with cash..$350 dollars and then OK next day supposedly the agency that was transporting the dog needed for me to pay the insure of the dog..asking for $500. their when i start to doubt. WHAT CAN I DO???? PLEASE REPLY THANK YOU

  143. Yvette J. Hamrin says:

    Mom and I were scammed $80,000.00 canadian dollars. I have all the paper documents to prove it, help me.

  144. Yvette J. Hamrin says:

    Hi Kelly,
    I need you to send me your email so I can download it with my emails. I got a email from David Vincent([email protected]). I think, he is laughing at us for being so stupid.
    Please, sent it to me.

  145. crystal says:

    Hi Kyle, tomorrow the seller of the car that j bought thru Amazon payment inc. Tells me that the car will be here at my home address tomorrow,after reading all the scams online,I’m kinda worried..actually very worried. What shouldi do, I snd the $ thru via money gram on friday,&now its Tuesday.. what if the car doesnt show up tomorrow what should .i do?

  146. A guy trying to help says:

    Just wanted to say dont buy electronics from china unless you know what your talking about or are using escrow. 90% of companys products will be copys and fakes or just right out scams. especially if they ask for western union or money gram that is a very well known trick in asia as it is untraceable. do your dillagence and check the companys background and ask for other customer refrences to check what experience they had then also check if they are real people not just workers for the scam ring. online you dont know who anyone is FULL STOP. there is plenty of people that can BS for there lifes just remember that when buying online.

  147. kathy hanson says:

    I was scammed and sent the money western union how can i get my money back because my house hold depends on it from nigeria

  148. Yvette J. Hamrin says:

    Mom and I have been scammed for over $80,000.00 Canadian Dollars and can’t get someone to help us get it back.

  149. anil parmar says:

    I sent money throgh westen union to nigiria he said he will return my money but he never did how can i get my money back

  150. Yvette J. Hamrin says:

    How did you get your money back through western union.

  151. Danielle says:

    I got scammed through a fake eBay invoice does anyone know how I can get my 1800 dollars back I used money gram please help me

  152. Berty Hoolodor says:

    iI got scammed by trying to buy a car via moneygram and lost 110000rs somebody please help me to get my money back

  153. Jacqulyn ward says:

    I am afraid I am being scammed. do I want love so bad that I would lower and a scam me. he said he’s in the service in MALI& needs money to leave & to come be with me. my head tells me I’m being scammed but my heart is overriding it.

  154. Kyle says:


    Thanks for deciding to speak out about your situation.

    I’ve seen this several times before. It sounds very suspicious. I think you are being set up to be scammed. To be completely blunt with you, I would avoid any further communication with the person you are talking with. They can’t be up to any good.

    I am sure you are a very lovely person (you sound like it :), but keep in mind that there are bad people in this world that want to take advantage of your kindness. The battle between your heart and your mind, as you say, is by far the most extreme type of battle a human being can face. It’s important for you to take a step back and analyze the situation you got yourself into. Ask yourself these things: where did I originally meet this person? How did they originally contact me? Is there anything “off” with what they are saying? Are they purposefully ignoring certain types of questions?

    Do all of these things and take a few moments to come to a conclusion.

    Most importantly, talk with a friend about what’s going on. It’s ALWAYS beneficial to get a second opinion about something.

    Stay in touch Jacqulyn. Best of luck to you :)

  155. Ashley says:

    I was scammed out of 2002 dollars thru money gram how do I get my money back

  156. smith.r says:

    i was scammed before $20,000 in wester union,, but i found out hoe i can refund it,,, and its work guys,, please email hun,, i really want to help you

  157. smith.r says:

    i will help you to gte your money back,,, in western ,,, just email me [email protected]

  158. Dora says:

    I was scammed by invested 50 usd by Liberty Reserve and I have written several emails to them and the emails comes back as not delivered & I see now that it was a scam

  159. Rhonda says:

    I think Im being scammed on! How pathetic! I will take the blame for the stupid part. But the scammers knew right where to come; where people would be grieving, over injured, and terminally ill, life long pets and desperate to get their hands on the medical equiptment their pets need!! The wheelchair my dog needs is almost $700 new!!!! Im going to my bank in the morning to see if anything can be done to stop payment. I paid with debit to Western Union on Sat night, its Tuesday 12:45am now. Does anyone have any advice?

  160. Connie says:

    I was scam by this guy name: Eric Berry. I used a escrow company site: to do the business with him but never got my mone. Please help.

  161. Pat says:

    Just got scammed for $1389 via Western Union from a financial company in Chicago, IL USA the company name is Goodman Financial Services 65 E. Wacker Place Chicago IL 60601. They are very convincing that they are a legitimate loan company. They should all burn in hell.

  162. Pat says:

    Forgot to add their website.

  163. Rebecca says:

    I went to section to find out how to get on it the web site said they were open only that day and it would only cost 14 dollars for an application so not thinking it over I gave them my ssi debt card number I kept getting emails from hl industry so I called the card they took 10 payments so they got me for140 dollars

  164. Kyle says:


    Can you elaborate please? What exactly happened? Have you contacted them?

  165. richard says: is a real scammer i needed some legal products for my store he advised and made me pay 1300 then asked for further 500 on reciept for shipment after intital payment no GOOD Or return MONEY be careful these pricks must burn in hell!!!

  166. Yvette J. Hamrin says:

    I need help before it is too late, all that $80,000 Canadian dollars to a U,S,A,military soldier.
    Help, I need this money back but I need the R.C.M.P. Main centre in Ottawa to report this before it is to late. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. JOHN MARSHALL says:


  168. Sharon says:

    this is interesting…I was scammed by an Eric Berry as well…although a different scheme…how can we get in touch…what was your experience?

  169. madhu says:

    hi i too have been scammed.this was for booking a driving test online .it was for about £78/-.a week ago.after making the payment when i dint get a confirmation got suspicious.i try calling them,there was no response.mailed them asking about confirmation,no response.i waited that day thinking in case i may get a mail later on in the day,no use.

    next day i called the offices/buisness next to the place i paid.they said it looks illegal and authorities are looking into the first surprise was if the higher authorities are looking into the matter why was the website still on the net?i immediately called my bank and told them all the information.they said the payment has gone through still pending,but they cant do anything since i authorised it.

    they have asked to call again after 3 days ,in case i dont hear from the other people,then the bank will try putting it for dispute or will dispute for me.on the same day called citizen advice center, they told me to send the people i had paid a letter saying that if they dont refund my money i will take action against them as there is breach in contract.they also told me they will notify the trading standards union to look into the matter.

    my concern or my fear is since i paid through debit card, is there any chances of me losing anymore money.i checked my bank statement today,£78/- has been credited to the seller/vendor s account.if this is a scam or illegal buisness will i get the money as what the bank is saying or will i lose it.not sure about these.

    could you please help,or shed more light on what i can do further on this issue.this whole incident has occured in uk.

  170. saad khamis says:

    few weeks ago while i was browsing the internet, i stumble upon this website, an online company based in china that sells electronics laptop, i phones etc… their prices were so low it was too good to be true, well you know what they say, if its too good to be true then it probably isn’t !!!, the site does not accept paypal citing paypal customer fraud , high fees and so on
    I couldn’t resist their prices temptation so i purchased few items and paid for it using moneygram (they only accept moneygram or western union), few days after paying i received an email from them claiming that my order was being held at the Chinese customs and will be confiscated in 4 days unless i pay $320 for it to be released, after i refused to pay that amount, they gave an option to place another order with a minimum of $500 and they will handle all the customs fees for me, well i went ahead and made the second $500 purchase, “again with moneygram”, now 4 weeks have passed, no product s , invoices or tracking numbers despite my several email attempts, last week i came across an identical website with the exact same owner’s name and information , its obvious that this guy have several website with the intent of scamming as many people as he can, for everyone out there don’t make the same mistake i made and stay away from those sites

  171. snoopy2000 says:

    I got scammed for 5300 thru a pt job with an auction house called DAMb2b they used my paypal to extort funds

  172. Laura says:

    On craigslist I got scammed by someone’s email [email protected]. I was suppose to buy a car from her through amazon payments and it was all a scam. I sent one payment for the car through western union and then a second payment that was suppose to be for insurance on the vehicle to be shipped to be by a trailer and how I found out is I talked to someone through amazon payments and said the email I was supposedly receiving from them was a fake. Now I am out over 4 grand that was suppose to buy me another car because I was in a car wreck and my car was totaled.

  173. gregg says:

    I got scammed on craigslist by John Rice posing as a vacation property owner, paid $650 on paypal 4/5,luckily they gave me my money back today 4/15

  174. Kate says:

    I get scam name Mack Connor he lives in London but he went to Nigeria for his job but he called me to help him in his daily needs becuase he can’t access any amount in his ATM and them he ask me to make online transfer form his fund in UK at the Lloyd banks by the banks office and the I need to pay the transfer fee , cot cod , tax cod and then they said its offline so the send a diplomat to deliver the money step to may door but when he arrive in NY they said I need to pay the yellow tag and then te custome service that’s why they get me so big amount of money I send by western union in Nigeria he use the name Abada martins, edisemi oromoni and by instant deposit to Velma Felicia in Stockton California and stormy frye in Washington it 25,000$ in total they scam on me pls how can I get back my money to them

  175. Amtal Hafeez says:

    Please beware of the ASIAN LOOKING LADY from BANGLADESH she says she is a owner of ROYLE ARAB EMIRATES and she through investment double your money and try to get you the mortgage which they say we have guy working for us in bank who clear all you debts and mortgages for small payments.She ugly looking DUCK and dress like tart and have loads of good looking guy who keeps eye on her while she chat rich people in clubs.Hopefully soon she get caught and be in the jail for long time and loose her son and become a druggie.HATE her she call me friend and try to scam me.

  176. Honey b. says:

    I got scammed by a guy from craigslist named David Bruton who claimed to be in the military but work for Delta airlines. He was supposed to be selling me a cheap buddy pass to Barcelona to see friends. I sent him $343 dollars via Western Union and afterwards he was supposed to send me the confirmation code and number to call the airline company but he never did. He supposedly lives in Lexington,KY. I’ve reported the scam to Western Union hoping they can do an investigation and get my money back. I also plan on going to the police today as its been 24hrs.

  177. Pauleen says:

    I got scammed through what looked like a truly legit Company. I purchased a kit online from on 12th April and paid $600 including shipping to my location. They say they ship the product after 7 days but it has been over a month and no tracking number from FedEx, worst is emails to the address they provided bounce back AND now their webpage is inaccessible! Note people! Paid by credit card and the amount has been deducted by my bank – can anyone advise how I can pursue either them or my money back? :(((

  178. kk says:

    Hi i havebeen scam by i placed order for Samsung galaxy phone and i transferred via online banking . But after 2 days that website removed from internet. I lodge complain to my bank and they said it been now process so u will get result from 4-6 week so what’s outcome i will get it i don’t know. Have anyone have that issue before? Pls tell me i worried lot for that money back.

  179. Natalie says:

    I was scammed by the person below through western union on 8/4/13 for the amount of $288. It’s nearly been two months and the person is not answering my emails and the tracking number for my package is fake. This person has committed fraud They use different email addresses and names but same person.

    ZeYan Guo also uses the name Jessica
    Saige Technology Park
    Room 7707, 7/F Bldg. 3
    Huaqiang North Road

    Email:[email protected]

    Account Name: JianBing Tan
    A/c Number: 621785 640000 2828 417
    Bank Name: Bank of China Fujian Branch
    Bank Code: BKCH CN BJ 720
    Bank Address: 136 Wusi Road, Fuzhou 350003, Fujian Prov., China

    Also uses the details below, same person:
    Tel: 0086-152-05955-248
    Address: 112 No.22 Wanghai RD, Software Park II, Xiamen, China
    Postal Code: 361000
    Contact: [email protected]
    MSN: [email protected]

    And also uses these details, same person:
    Tel: 0086-1520-5955-248
    Address: No.42, Yangping Road, XinYang Industrial Zone, Haicang, Xiamen City, Fujian, China.
    Postal Code: 361022
    Contact: [email protected]
    MSN: [email protected]
    Skype: dora201388

    ****NEVER PAY BY WESTERN UNION TO SOMEONE YOU DON’T KNOW – BEWARE OF THIS SELLER AND THEIR WEBSITE. Best payment method would be paypal or escrow as they can help you if something goes wrong. Western union can’t or won’t even help.

  180. Jerry La Cross says:

    I bought a pair of explorer running boards from a Nathan Carpenter in Columbiana Ohio that was on craigslist.
    Sent a postal money order including delivery, he never sent the running boards !! Big shock. I was told they spent the money on diapers just give them time . Well it’s been weeks and weeks now .So I am out $50.00 not much but it is my money not his. I have heard the postal service would help me get my money back but have my doubts.

  181. tanya says:

    I think I have been scammed out of £179 To have a husky puppy shipped to me from camaroon how do I get my money back after paying via moneygram

  182. Ms. Bacon says:

    If you ever try to buy a dog from West Virginia do not trust Debbie Kennedy from Avondale, WV. I thought I went through all the stops. Talked to her on the phone and everything. But then things started happening after I paid my deposit. The pictures she sent didn’t add up. Then one of my friend randomly on instagram posted the same picture of the same dog saying that she was about to pay the deposit. So I instantly sent her a messaging where and who the dog breeder was. It was the same dog!!!!! She and I have both emailed the lady. I played nice, my friend didn’t. They lady got all offended saying that her dogs were all over the world and with movie stars. Which then just blew my mind. I have been trying to be nice to try to get back my deposit. But I don’t think it is going to work. I asked her if she had any other females dogs, she said she just had one and she was mine. And she told my friend that she had one female and that it would be hers if she paid the deposit. So she was selling the dog right from under me, when though I had already PAID HER! I have been trying to just deal with her and hopefully I can get it back. If not then paypal is going to be getting tons and tons of emails.

  183. Mik says:

    i got scammed by, i wrote to them multiple times just to get them to acknowledge it was their mistake, then they sent me the most amazingly rude reply

    We have received your latest e-mail and am responding to it, right now.

    Yes, 6 months refund is the maximum you will be getting back. You should be glad it is not 3. Most of the time it is 3 months.

    Again with the: russian scam artists

    No, we are not “russian scam artists”.

    You put your cancellation in, the year 2012. We are crediting you back into the year 2012. Yes, there might be a few months that you did not get credit for BUT you are to blame for that.

    You must accept part of this, for not checking your statement every month.

    That is what the credit card people will tell you. Please talk to Visa about this. They will tell you the exact same thing we are telling you.

    We are not just making things up here.

    You say: I demand that you prove to me someone at dhamamatch knows this has occured

    Response: That’s a definite. I did talk with the head of the company on the phone this morning (being a Saturday morning, here). That person realizes what is going on with this situation. It needed to be brought to his attention (immediately) .

    You say: you need to pay me back the money you have taken, you can not just dismiss me like that that is unacceptable, you need to be a bit more responsible than that , i checked my records did you ?

    Response: Yes, we have already requested our billing company to notify Visa and credit you back what you are entitled to.

    We are not “dismissing” you. We would like to close out this issue to the satisfactory of both parties.

    You say: well done for making sure you dont have to go beyond 6 months

    Response: Like we have told you: not our rules. If you had notified us of this within the first 6 months, you would have been entitled to everything back. BUT you were not checking your statements monthly, if you were we would not be in this position.

    You say: that money coming out of my accoun t was so unexpected every time it went i was close to or on my account limit , and theres been many a time in th elast year thta my balance went overdfrawn unexpectadly occuring a fine and i could never work out where that charge was coming from it was you guys,

    Response: WHY, then did you not notify us of this earlier, if you knew? If you knew you were that close every month don’t you think you would have looked at what had been coming out of your account?

    You say: i could never work out where that charge was coming from it was you guys,

    Reply: We and VISA will say: WHY? Why could you not see who was pulling out? Visa is sending you statements every month and telling you about this.

    You say: you take money off me for 2 years without my permission

    Reply: WRONG, you original signed up for that Gold Membership in the year 2012. You have been credited back into the year 2012. So, we are not talking years, here.

    You say: you need to show this to your supervisot

    Response: I have already done that, for sure!

    We are noticing there are at least 5 new e-mails from you just from today.

    What we would like to say to you–is that we will not be answering or replying to any further e-mails from you.

    Please get off our site if you are not happy or we will delete you!!

    We will be deleting all e-mails from you starting from now Saturday May 25th, 2013.

    If we get notified from other members of our site that you are contacting them in this regard we will immediately delete the profile you now have and ban you from our site.

    Conversation is over

    Thank you for using dharmaMatch.

    Best Wishes,

    “Where Spiritual Singles Meet”

    On Sat, May 25, 2013 at 5:01 PM, Wangchuk Palgyi wrote:
    are you sure your not russian scam artists? only refund me 6 months??? I demand all the money you took out of my account, I demand that you prove to me someone at dhamamatch knows this has occured
    you need to pay me back what you took illegally, you need to compensate me, your making a huge amount of meberships, you need to pay me back the money you have taken, you can not just dismiss me like that that is unacceptable, you need to be a bit more responsible than that , i checked my records did you ?
    please think about that , can you put your self in the customers psosition , well done for making sure you dont have to go beyond 6 months but i got news for you , that money coming out of my accoun t was so unexpected every time it went i was close to or on my account limit , and theres been many a time in th elast year thta my balance went overdfrawn unexpectadly occuring a fine and i could never work out where that charge was coming from
    it was you guys,
    whats the interest on the money you stole from me by mistake
    please think about it you take money off me for 2 years without my permission and your quite happy to say to me youll get £60 thanks signing off
    you need to show this to your supervisot and he needs to consult his legal team on this and if you think im going to accept you causing so much problems to me and just take it then your very very wrong
    you dont come across as very apologetic,
    id like also some kind of acknowledgement form your supervisor or mananger of who ever is in charge

  184. Mybluebic says: the phone number is on the site, western unioned online using a MasterCard western union prepaid card. was promised tracking number. never heard back, after calling the phone number again it said magic Jack customer not available. since it was pre paid master card can I get the money back frommastercard

  185. Tracy says:

    I was scammed by elite tickets. I found them on craigslist offering discount airline tickets for $65, I emailed them per the instructions on craigslist. I explained i needed last minute plane tickets to see my son graduate high school. I received a call from a guy named jesse who said he could help me find tickets to get me there. He told me i would need to buy a greendot money pak reload card and put my money on that as it would be going thru paypal. I have his phone number and we talked back and forth all night. Finally he found me some tickets and they would cost me $250. I asked if i could call him the next morning around 6am to do the money exchange as it was already midnight and i couldnt get out to get the money pak card. He said that was fine. The next morning I buy the money pak card and call no answer I called all morning with no answer. I was in a panic as my son was graduating that night at 7pm I was in indiana and needed to be in georgia/florida line. I was searching for any other way to get there and i didnt have the money for any other last minute flights. Finally at 8:30am he replied saying sorry he got to the office late. I was just so relieved he was calling me i was still going to see my son graduate. he told me i could not still catch the same plane we had agreed on it was to late. I panicked asking what i could do he magically found a flight leaving within the hour that i could get but it was more money I told him i couldnt do it i had no more money. It was all I had to pay the original $250. he said that since it was his fault i missed the first flight i could still get the same deal. Ok we were back in business i was going to see my son graduate. not to mention it was also my son’s 18th birthday, and i would be meeting my 6mo old grand baby for the first time. any way. I was in a rush and he knew this he said if you would just text me the numbers on the back of the card it would all be paid for. I told him i would as soon as i was on my way to the airport. when i got there i got the tickets and i thought all is well tickets in hand ok i will give him the numbers for the money. I went to board the plane and they scanned my ticket and told me it was void! The person had canceled my ticket!!! i immediatley tried calling jesse as i had just spoke to him not an hour before. no answer. i was stranded at the airport! I missed my son’s graduation and everything!!! i have emailed them and craigslist with no reply. I continue to call the number i have and still no answer! I don’t know what to do! I have the receipt for the money pak card, the money pak card and the plane tickets. any suggestions?

  186. Bertha says:

    Hey I was scammed out of 600euro yesterday I answered a ad in bookoo and I sent the money through western union and Siberian huskey dog I had to pay for the shipment of the dog and insurance then I noticed I was scammed when they told me she destroyed her crate and I had to pay for the crate and it will be refunded to me when the dog arrived and I didn’t pay it I was wondering if its possible to get money back one payment was charged to my debit card and the with cash help me please.

  187. Opal says:

    It breaks my heart, that I’ve been scammed and I cant stop crying and stressing out, cause I lost my money and dont know what to do and being a single parent raising my 8month old daughter and I dont have anything to feed her. I desperately applied online for a loan and was scammed for 1,025 dollars. I purchased one re-load prepaid card and put 500 dollars for a 10,000 dollar loan and they call me back and told me that the IRS will not give me my money, until I pay the 9percent tax and so I lower my loan to 5,000 and so I had to purchase another re-load vanilla card and put $250 and still dont have my money. They claim to work for the uscashfinance company and than another scam with someone claiming to work for the Gefinancial and so the loan was for $3,000, but I had to western union $275 and my money will be here and never received it and all I wanted was to get the loan to pay off the down payment for my car and pay of debts and now I’m and dont know what to do. please help me, I have receipt for everything and I still get prank calls from these people laughing at me and telling me, if I am still interested in the loan and I just get upset and tell them stop calling and I already reported them to the police. I have there fake names and number stored on my phone. Someone help me…. I am so dumb and stupid and ashamed, that I fell for this 3 times in one day.

  188. Kyle says:

    Hi Opal,

    Trust me, you’re not stupid. It’s normal to think that people do the right thing, but we all know that there are some bad apples out there. You just happened to come across one here, and I’m sorry to hear about it. However, just know that this could have been much worse than a $1000 scam.

    Do not answer their phone calls. Stop any communication with the scammers.

    Don’t be afraid to go to your local police station and ask for any type of assistance. A lot of these crimes vary upon where the offender is located, what type of payment processing they used, and other things like that. Your police station should at least give you some answers.

    Worst case scenario, find someone you know and trust that knows about finances and ask them for advice. There is no shame in asking for help… to the contrary, it shows good character.

    Let us know how it goes.


  189. PEARL says:

    Good day,
    I saw an online advert for a loan and i decided to apply for a personal loan from a company called Holy-catholic finance company and was defrauded for over $8,000 from bogus upfront fees, until realized it was all fraud. I reported to the police and even western union anti fraud department but nothing was done, until i met a spell caster online named Sahuraja Mandi whom I told what these guys burnt me from and he promised to cast a spell on them after he performed a ritual for me in Africa which I paid for the materials with a little amount of money and I was shocked when they paid me back all my money cash. There is pretty much the law enforcement can do, even though i didn’t believe in this unconventional method to handle this issue, but I was glad I did and got my money back, I have learnt my lessons and will always seek spiritual advice from the great Saruhaja before I embark on any future dealings, because he is very efficient, cheap and tested, so I advice all of you who want your money to be refunded back to you by those scum bags to contact him via email on [email protected].

  190. chris says:

    Hello my name is Chris and I was ripped off a month ago from a chineese site called :
    I paid with western union and then they sent me around 2-3 times fake track numbers etc.
    Now I got no replies at all.
    I lost 60 euro but the issue here is not for me to get my money back but helping others to don’t do the same.
    How can we close down this site? is it feasible?
    Yours sincerely

  191. Moldovan Sorin says:

    what doi have to do if i payd 2 smartphones by paypal but the sender hasen`t recived yet themoney from paypal. The phones they have sent me doesn`t work normaly.

  192. aru says:

    We “bought” a car online thru a reputed website The sellers name was Brian Farmer from Nebraska. We agreed to pay a deposit for $29,800. We received a very official looking invoice from Google wallet telling us where to wire the funds and the account name ( which for a Vanity motors in Jacksonville, Florida..and the routing number. This all looked very legitimate. We get and email from the seller that he would keep us posted regarding the shipping details etc. and he emailed me to say that the car would be arriving on fri at 4 pm ( 3 days after the funds were received. ) Then thurs I get a call from a caller Id showing as Broken Bow shipping co..saying that the car delivery is now delayed due to bad weather and now the estimated delivery date is now following tues 4 pm. Now the Seller then calls on monday saying he is not going to release the car to us unless we make full payment. We said this were not the agreed terms. We had 5 days to see the car and decide whether to keep it or not. This conversation was a red flag to us. We called the number that I had saved for the shipping company only to find that that was a number to a Rachel who knew nothing abt a shipping co. I went to Chase bank (our bank) on tues morning at opening time. ( all this was over labor day weekend and the week prior to it). Chase was kind enough to put a trace on the cheque. But the funds were of course withdrawn right away and since that was the case, Chase JP morgan clould not do anything about it.
    I have filed a case with the FBI internet division. Made a police complaint at our local police dept.
    What else can I do? I am afraid we have lost our money? any suggestions… anyone?

  193. Matthew Trompf says:

    I purchased 2 Apple iPhone 5 64GB for $800 and get one free on Wednesday 11th September 2013 from pinkladystore on Locanto but since then Ian has been asking me for more and more money eg Friday 13th September 2013 he has been asking me to pay $300 for insurance. On Monday 16th September 2013 he has been asking me to pay $300 for customs then on Tuesday 17th September 2013 he has been asking me to pay another $300 for IBC Card Fee. Stay away from ian store and don’t email them either at [email protected] so you don’t get ripped off like I did.

  194. Frantz Fervil says:

    Hello every body!

    Me, I have been scammed via money gram by a fictive Chinese seller, could you advise me what to do?
    I am looking forward to your help.

  195. rigo says:

    I think ive been scammed.. Im never ever getting NetGear again ..i called them and they direct me to technopanda .. The guy was foreign he sounded suspicious but i ignore my gut and i had them help, by doing that i wasn’t sure if they had hacked into my computer, i ended up paying it. im hoping they don’t tried to hack in the future i was really scared that I went to take some money out but i lost $160 im hoping your advice isnt too late i feel really navie and paranoid in a way i learned a really bad lesson *Sign*

  196. Robert says:

    Please no one should buy emails leads from this website the seller is a scam he ripped me off of $500 dollars and he did not supply me any email leads for my e-marketing business so please everyone should stay clear from him

  197. Shlomi says: Ripped me off 450 usd no body buy from that web I pey westren union can I do something please help

  198. Kyle says:

    What kind of payment did you use?

  199. Doug Laney says:

    This lady found me on, her name was Cheryl Ledford, and lived in Tyler Texas, on worked her own bisseness buying and selling gold and antiques, and was in Melisia, She said she checked out my profile on and she was interested in me and made me fill real good inside. this communication started in Jan.18,2013, We talked on line for a couple of weeks, and then she said she had spent to much money on her goods $480,000 and she needed to pay taxes on what she bought, she asked to barrow $3500 and to send it western union, and to send it $1500 twice at 2 different places and to send an extra $200 for traveling money and to send $700 at another place, so the would be no questions asked, but before I done that I tried to send the money in a lump sum western union and it got kicked back, I had no idea what was happening to me, and then she emailed me back that we needed to talk, before this she said that she would pay me back with in 2weeks after she got back to the state, I was excited to meet this lady, a couple days later she went to go and check on her goods and now she had another problem, she needed another $3500 for shipping and another $6500 for taxes, so I went and barowwed the money on my 2 trucks as colladorol and now I paying $400 a month on my trucks, and the she said we need to talk, and now she wanted me to put my house up on a second mortgage cause needed to pay for a licence fee of $48,000 and I finally said NO and she said I really didn’t want her, there has been no contact since the end of August!!! Roughly $15,000 Later lost my money and to imbarrased to tell anybody, my stupid fault, cause my wife just died a year ago, she wouldn’t be proud of me! her email is [email protected], I had to pay transpher fee’s on all the money I sent her, the last $6500 I sent she wanted me to put in a deposit in a bank account at Wells Fargo, Leonor L Morton, routing: 121000248, account number: 6405127934 Address 9 Northern Blvd Greenvale NY 11548

  200. Sharon says:

    I have filled in a form for the visa esta , there was no price or anything , so I presumed it was all as usual .. They have now processed it and it has cost me £ 79 instead of £9 this was done twice ( me and my partner) they have said I excepted this when I clicked on terms and conditions .. That is where they had put the price.. I’m very angry as they did absolutely nothing …. Sharon :(

  201. Vera says:

    So I’m really sad I just got scammed today with the green dot card. The guy found me on Instagram and was like if I put like 200 on my card he will add a zero so okay it sounded weird but I’m like I can pay my bills and get my car fix so I did it and he texted me the entire day and then after I uploaded the money no more textes. That was my last! He said for 250 he will do 3k so I was happy……. I worked hard for my money hard!!!!!!! I don’t know what to do I only have like 15 dollars to my name literally. He’s from Texas that I do know. He also called from his job number by mistake and then he called private. Please help me.

  202. gemmalika says:

    Dan Zhang…goes by the name Micheal
    He is suppose to be selling phones!
    Big scammer!

    Web: http://168digitalelec.comCompany name: ShenZhen Five-star Electronic Digital Co., Ltd
    Email: [email protected]: staryang55Tel:

    +86-755-33094790Cell phone:

    +8613066843790Add: 28A,Building C,Huaqiang Square,Huaqingbei Road,Futian District?shenzhen, China.

  203. craig says:

    me too got scammed on gumtree about three weeks ago on Gumtree by a guy who goes by the name of Mike daily using the following email address [email protected]. Basically he advertised a Ibanez Paul Gilbert PGM401 guitar on Gumtree and I was emailing him for about 5 days through gumtree mail, we everntually agreed a price of £600.00 we also discussed the deal on the phone. On the 7th of October 2013 I said to him that I will pay through paypal but he said he did not have a paypal account so stupidly I agreed to do a bank transfer to his HSBC account which I found out belonged to a Mr P B Smith in devon. As soon as I payed him I got an email from gumtree saying beware of this seller, so I rang gumtree and just said are you havig a laugh???? you have seen me emailing this guy discussing a deal through you email system and now I have payed him you suddenly send me this email????. As soon as the payment was made his both mobile phones went off and then he started emailing me saying thanks for the money and good look trying to find me!!! so Ive reported this to the International Fraud squad but they said there is no guarantee which I know myself they wont do anything, Gumtree just said sorry and Im now down £600 and no guitar!!
    Just shows you what kind of shit justice system our country has and that no one os arsed any more!! Gumtree wont even give me his other email address to find him, so they are protecting this scammer and allowing him to relist other items which he keeps doing!!!! SO PEOPLE BE AWARE!!

    There is absolutey nothing down for this person when I find him, and now I will I have a couple of friends who are close protection security personnel who can find anyone, and they have found him at last!! he lives a couple of doors away from where he said he lived!! I have tried going down the civil route and reporting it to the police, fraud squad, gumtree but it just shows you that way you get know were and you just have to deal with things yourself!!

    Beware of this scammer:
    Mike Daily – Devon, UK
    [email protected]
    Mobile – 07825404015
    mobile – 07591998734

    Address: 7a School Street, Sidmouth, Devon, EX10 9PF

    All the best everyone!!

  204. Mana says:

    I just git scammed. Bought a bag and paid by money transfer.
    Website: www.
    WEBSITE & owner, phone number : ALL A SCAM
    I LOST $ 1,600

  205. Mana says:

    Hi guys .. Further info on my Nov 9th posting: DO NOT SHOP from / or PAY this website
    2. Name of owner:MIKE GALANNIS

    BANK DETAILS IN CYPRUS- Nicosia must be real, BECS the money was deposited.
    HOME ADDRESS: Larnaca ( Cyprus). I am sure fake


    Below is our bank details and you can use any UK bank to make the transfer.
    3 Lemessou Avenue
    2112 Aglantzia, Nicosia
    P.O.Box 21661, 1596 Nicosia, CYPRUS
    EMAIL:[email protected]
    AMOUNT:$1,550 USD

  206. Mana says:

    Hi again
    these luxury guys have the nerve,to give me a USPS tracking number that doesn’t exist, after raving a letter from my attorneys filing criminal charges against them.


  207. David albin says:

    I got scam out of 30,000.00 to 50.000.00 from a person that suppose to be in the army and she told me that she wanted to be with me but didn’t never show up so i lost all this money for trusted this girl so how am i going to get all my money back from this person well behonest i prob sent this person more money then wot i think

  208. Joey says:

    I got swindled on a bingo site cheeky bingo In fact I was playing a fruit machine that I pout £100 in an the hole time I was playing it I wasn’t playing bye the rules witch was stated on the game it’s self for instance wen playing a fruit machine the hole point in a lot of them u try to get wot they call a bonus round normally it’s a simble of some kind any way I was playing at a £2.50 stake an it stated that I had to get two simbles to be actervatid into the bonus game I got the two simbles on 5 different spins an it didn’t issue me wot I was playing for they wanted conformation of this so I took a screen shot an sent it to them this was nearly two weeks ago today they have issued me with a £5 good will jester saying ok you was right it did stat this and know we have solved the problem that doesn’t resolve my £100 that I was gambling on a fruit machine that for one reason or another was incorrect I clearly have been coned I’m not that good at pouting into werds wot my prober is if ther is a compernie of some sort that any one could pout me intouce with meanie thanks

  209. David albin says:

    So how u get the money back if it was sent by western union and moneygram

  210. andrea says:

    I was scammed by i ordered hair extensions i received them and the package was filthy like used and busted, the hair was probably used very thin broken and i ordered blonde. so i thought id get blonde but no it had black fake hair threaded throughout. now iv sent emails and pictures within 10 days like the policy says to do and they never emailed me back so i got on the actual site and live chatted and they talked me in circles for hours(i’m very persistent) they werent making a lick of sense and told me there wasnt a problem with the hair and could do an exchange and i gave up. the next day i started all over and told the chat person the same story and they said they sent the wrong and and wanted to give me an “exchange and discounts” which i do not want and they tell me the same thing again and now im here looking for help/ :

  211. Kyle says:

    Did you pay with a credit card? If you did, call your credit card company (phone # is on back of card), and explain to their customer support that the product you ordered was not even close to what was deacribed, AND that the merchant is not agreeing to a refund and are not following their return policy. Calm and pleasant with these people. They are there to help.

    Let us know how it goes.

  212. Torrie says:

    Hello Kyle ,

    I was scammed from a fake Coach outlet site . I paid for the product through a third party called fashionpay. I bought a purse for my mom for Christmas and I paid with my debit visa card. I got a generic email telling me my order number and that purchase had went through. The money was immediately taken out. After week I didn’t recieve any information of when item was shipped. I used the original email to get to site to look up a tracking number and it said I didn’t have one. I tried to contact fashionpay bu t they only had contact numbers for China. So I emailed and never got response back. I filed claim canceled my debit card and my bank reimbursed me.

    That day I got my package but through research I did people advised not to open package but to refused package because its fake merchandise. I didn’t open it so I will be taking it back to post office to refuse package. What should I do from here? email the site informing them that I am refusing package and I would like a refund and if I do get money back return to my bank the money they reimbured me? Or refund my money to bank and then file another claim if I don’t recieve money back from site? What is the best way to handle this?

  213. Am so happy those that thought they are smart scammers has been revealed. I contacted one OZUWA spell caster to
    help me bring back my ex i never new he was a scammer. he scammed me and my ex did not return back to me.
    i saw a testimony of how AGBONS REVENGE help some one that was scammed recover her money back and also make him
    run mad. i contacted him and explain how i was scammed to him and he helped me and now i recover all my lost money
    and he make OZUWA run mad within 48 hours.A SINNER SHALL NOT GO ON PUNISH.his email is [email protected]

  214. sean says:

    I just paid $25 dollars to for iphone unlock through paypal I received confirmation and that was the end of contact.I filed complaint through paypal these people have multiple emails and .coms .they are working through what ever that site is

  215. I was scammed by the so called owner is Jasmine Williams. I ordered hair from her in August and it is December and I still have not received it. When I contacted her about a refund she has stopped replying to emails, etc. Now I am left without my money or the product. Beware do not buy hair from this company it could happen to you!

  216. I believe I was scammed from a company called sunonfire. I ordered Ugg boots, received a confirmation email, tried to contact the seller & have never received the boots. I will go to my bank tomorrow.

  217. Gabby says:

    I hate scammers! Pretty sure I’ve been scammed! I recently purchased an order on I’ve ordered from there before and I received my shoes that I had ordered just fine. So I thought it was ok to order from there again. Only this time when I went to my bank I found that extra money had been taken out and I checked my emails and nikepop had added extra charges for no apparent reason. So I emailed them asking for a refund and the replies I got were ridiculous for example.. “It will take 5-11 weeks for you to receive your refund it’s not our fault it’s the credit card police” and I emailed asking for the complaints department to call me and my reply I got was simply “OK”. I really hope my bank can get my money back!

  218. Lorraine says:

    I ordered a free trial of some detox pills from and I just paid the shipping through their “exclusive promo link.” I did receive my items, but they keep charging me every month for $87.47! I tried contacting my bank the first time this happened, but they made everything that I had to do really confusing. I thought it was just a one time charge, so I didn’t worry about it much, but then it happened again for the same amount! I’m so frustrated because they didn’t help me much the first time. What should I do? I paid via my debit card and I just want them to stop charging me! I don’t care if I get my money back I just want them to stop future charges. Don’t order through they’ll just keep charging you! :( Help!

  219. Sean Langley says:

    Michael Berkeley Ogden is at it again.
    I have contacted the RCMP, his phone number does not take calls but I have been texting with him at (204) 818-1882.

    My bad, I was naive to his method.
    Hi actually has a live ad right now:

    That is one that I was taken for!

  220. bricasj says:

    I just found out I got scammed from on a pair of nikes they were 39 dollars but I end up payin 70 something and used a prepaid card. I ordered them jan 21st they got their cash den sent a email saying it was china holiday and couldn’t ship em out till feb 5th… I hate thieves! it sucks cuz I gotta 6 mth old and we live pay check 2 paycheck newayz…

  221. thomas irwin says:

    Hello my name is tom and I had an agreement between me and money trackers UK for six months they took £400 fee and never kept me informed the time was up yesterday they said they look for lost assets their address is ST johns street London ec1v 4pw I don’t know if they have a website their contact number 02079936910 the email address [email protected],com I paid my money into SW petty NatWest sort code 600627 account no 7335800669 ref Thomas Irwin payment made august 13 2013 is this my own fault or are they scam will I get my money back can I get them banned. thank you Thomas Irwin fight for justice

  222. Anna says:

    I’m so stupid before checking about website was it scam or not I ordered couple of pair of shoes form…. Payed with Visa card , is it possible to return money back? Please heeelp me, I feel so stupid and devastated :(((((

  223. Yesenia Guillen says:

    Hello, my name is Yesenia. I found out yesterday that i was scammed. I applied for a receptionist ad on craiglist. This man replies from that add, (contacts me through email) explaining the job description. He said, I would be doing his personal errands. He would send me money to cover his expenses. My first task was to deposit a check into my account. Once, it was deposited, to send it to his supplier in the Philippines . Now, the check was about 2,850. First thing that came to my mind, “why would he trust a random stranger with that kind of money?”… ;unfortunately, I ignored my instincts, and did what I was told. The check arrived overnight. The next day, I deposited the check, sent it, “his supplier” obtains the money, 24 hours later, I owe that amount to the bank.. I talk to the branch at my bank, and notifies me that it was a scam. The reason why i owed the money was because the check was a red flag. It was returned. So, for the fact that he had already obtained the money, I owed it back. She said they couldn’t do anything about it because he was in another country.. Thomas Irwin, is there anything I can do to avoid paying the money back??

  224. lisa says:

    Hi I just last week seen the add for nutreberry slim tablets free trail all we pay is p&p which is 2.99so dun it got the pills 5 days later 93.00 had been takeing out my bank told bank it was a scam nothink they can do so I went home an rang my bank tryed to stop it that way but basically they told me it was my own fault fumein is a understatement lesson lernt

  225. Retsepisitsoe Leduma says:

    hello i suspect a scam. I bought phones from this company Eletec LTD in uk and paid via money gram and they have been sending messages by email which are scams and tel me to pay and get a permit before i get my goods. where can i file a law suit? but they never mentioned permit before i buy

  226. mon alsi says:

    From I believe in her for marriage and I send her a money ..she make me believed everything number I called her we talk ..she received the money same name appears on GB great British passport..

  227. Cheeky Kongo have not paid my winnings but took moneyvout of my bank

  228. Patsy Seabaugh says:

    Communicating with a man on line, after a month things started happe

  229. Grahambruce says:

    i hope he didnt take any money from you

  230. Kerry Syverson says:

    I was scammed out of £191 from, I paid with western union and I also have a bank of china account number for the company, they take your money and don’t send the goods!! I’m devastated can anyone help me to do something about this I have a lot of emails to prove this,, please help me?

  231. COCO says:

    I had the exact same thing happen to me what have you done and can I do this just happen to me today

  232. COCO says:

    My ignorance was there bliss. I send 80 american to someone to provide me small loan. Sent via western union. As soon as they received payment they were gone. I sent them saying to send the money back with in 24 hours. I have to go into police station to file so I will be tomorrow along with contacting my bank. I have there contact info, names address social media contacts. Where they work. But I don’t know what else to do this was my last bit of money and now I’m really screwed can anyone help?

  233. Kay says:

    I was recently scammed when I tried to buy a cheap car from Craigslist and I paid $500 via Money Pak. Does anyone have any suggestions or help as to how i can get all if not half my money back? I reported the incident to MoneyPak and emailed the so called seller a threatening email.

  234. Talentonloan says:

    Lost 1500 and 2500 bucks on two motercycles never use green dot money packs never never!!!!!! My stupid fault. Oh well. TANSTAAFL
    If something looks like too good of a deal to be true… it is. Why am I not mad? I am poor after all. Probably because I am too embarrassed to be mad. I thought I was a savvy guy. I’ll bet you four grand I’m not.

  235. Tami Hipper-darling says:

    Help I ordered ecig…liquid from on line on april 17 on oct 8 I checked my account and it says my order was complete now today oct 28th and I still havent gotten anything..I cant goto my bank cause the money was taken ba k in april is there anyway I can get my money back..I have been reading online and it seems alot of people have been scammed by this company…if anyone has any ideas it would be helpful..I think I want this company be arrested and shut down more then I want my money back

  236. Betty says:

    Someone paid my bills online for me and now I found out it was done with a stolden credit card and all my utilities are getting shut off and I’m disabled. What can I do and will I go to jail? I didn’t know this till yesterday and after the bills have been getting paid over the last 5 months and they just now notified me. Help please. Found out the guy wasn’t who he said he was my bad for not asking to see his ID.

  237. Betty says:

    Someone please help me so I know what to do

  238. Guest says:

    I got crammed by some people that sell maltese puppies oline.Happy teacupspuppies for sale.i want my money back.900.00 dollars.what can I do.

  239. Misty says:

    Yes to All Steer clear Of United Financial Express they took me for over 1000.00 They claim to have people by the name of Paul Hernandes, A Mr. Dunn & anotehr worker by the name of Michael

  240. Shan says:

    I ordered some “hair growth” pills for a “free” trial. I later read online on some reviews about the company that after paying the shipping which is 4.95 and after 14 days of the “free” trial I would be charged 87$. i then proceeded to call my bank and cancel my debit card and order a new one explaining to the bank what had happened. is there any harm in this? can the scammers still get the money from my account if I’ve ordered a new card?

  241. ogbonnah Nwaosu says:

    People be careful, Most of the companies in Shenzhen city or district or province in the People’s Republic of China are scammers. Until people all over the world
    stop buying any goods, telephones, computers, radios, all kinds of electronics
    from them the Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce will not wake up to check all these atrocities that are committed in their city.

  242. ogbonnah Nwaosu says:

    Belief it or not some of these are assumed names, in most instances, these are men scammers and they are overseas not even here in usa. If you were able to send that much money, you could have traveled to Texas to see that the address given to you is also fake. Becareful we are all have gotten such experiences.

  243. Nikki says:

    Would going to my local police help if i sent them cash by mail?

  244. JEFF says:

    i feel so stupid…i ordered 2 iphone 5s on facebook and i have transfered the money to him and i din get my PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!! is it possible to to return my money BACK??? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  245. Vee says:

    If you are on facebook, and you see anything about buying shoes or doubling your money do not participate…and never pay someone with a vanilla reload. Best thing is if ur first instinct says don’t trust it; DON’T!..

  246. Amanda says:

    I ordered a chi straighter from a “official chi website” I have contacted them several times through their email provided and no response. This was to be Xmas gift for my daughter and they only sent one email to me confirming they took my money and said that of I had any concerns or questions to contact them. The phone number provided is in the UK so I can not call it, and like I Stated the email provided keeps being rejected back. What do I do? I told my bank to stop payment but it was too late. They did not seem concerned and said to watch my account. I have not received anything stating my item shipped, nor have I received my item.
    Help!!! This is the only thing they have sent me in a week. Items ship usually when they take ur money so why no email to say that.. I have ordered many things offline and this is all to sneaky.

  247. rebecca says:

    I’m really stupid. I received two usps money orders in the mail. Via priority mail. I followed the secret shopper instruction, deposited them into my account waited 24 hrs then pulled the money to complete my task of green dot money paks. Now my bank has returned the money orders because they’re fake. I’m in the whole 1600.00 dollars. How can I get my money back or get money to cover this?

  248. Emily Kinsey says:

    I did the exact same thing but mines was on instagram and 2 iPhone 6. What did you end up doing

  249. Digga says:

    I was asked to purchase one of these cards. Jackson King Prince on Facebook specifically told me when I asked what does he do for a living, he said “well I do bank drops reloads and print checks. Invest 100$ with me which will turn to 1500$ you get a grand I get 500$.” And I, like a desperate homeless fool sent the payment and then he goes “I just out it they the new balance should say redeemed or zero. Wait till 3hrs and it should be a new balance.” And sure enuff it was. Zero! smh is there a solution???

  250. Crystal Morgan says:

    I have applied for a loan at Glendale lending group they took my money saying I as to pay an insurance coving fees. During that process I sent my money to them through Western Union they told I would get my direct deposit within 5 minutes, unfortunately I didn’t receive any payment from them end up got mad told them to cancel it need my funds back all now I have not receive my money need some help what can I do to get my money back is alot. Please and thank

  251. Ross Etherington says:

    I think my wife was scammed by the same people using a different company called hillington lending group there site matches the Glendale lending group site to a t except the address and phone number and the tactics they used on you was the same one they used on us did have any luck please look me up on facebook so if it is the same people we can take them out as a team or at least help each other

  252. Shae Noelle Price says:

    Someone else actually scamed me I was selling clothes on craigslist and someone sent me a scammed cashier’s check for 2,445 and me needing the money didn’t think that could be a scam so can someone tell me what to do next

  253. Steven says:

    Hi, I have just been scammed out of £700 by MESH ELECTRICS (dvaar). I purchased some xbox ones of them they seemed genuine at first going out of there way to help. They even sent me a tracking number for my products from the website Once I paid them they then advised that the stock was being held at customs in the UK but this seems to have all been false. I have several addresses, email addresses and contact numbers for them but now no one seems to be answering. I have paid through Western Union is there anyway I can get my money back even if they have picked it up. I feel so stupid right now as I truly beloved that I would not fall for anything like this. Please help!!!!!

  254. Nana Manasi says:

    Please am so stupid to believe a guy who scrambled me of 520usd for iPhone 6 please help me get my money back

  255. Adam bentley says:

    Name is adam bentley and I have been scammed and I was trying to get a loan online from a person in Nigeria so I can get the money so I can pay for my winning prize from Facebook which I was selected so I sent off the money and then they said they will transfer the money to me and then they kept on asking for more money so basically they have cleaned me out of all my money and I had to get loans out to pay for it and the only option for me is to declare bankruptcy because I can’t afford to pay the loans back is there any way I can get the money back from them

  256. Manny says:

    me too what did you guys end up doing??!

  257. dr_sn0w says:

    PayPal is bullshit. They protect scammers so don’t believe the lies that it is safe to use those losers. !!!!

  258. keerthi says:

    my husband got scammed by frank lee, nelly morgan and steveen martin.. frank lee got friend to my husband 3months back.. casually he started talking first.. and husband asked him to refer job there.. franklee working in world bank Glasgow he said.. later frank lee said that he will my husband for visa and all.. den that frank introduced nelly as a agent working in australian embassy thailand and she will help you everything and post your passport to her.. nelly asked first all the details and resume and passport size photos of my husband.. later they started asking money for it 4yrs visa got ready and he got job in accounting post at great queen hotel sidney.. my husband paid 5lakhs to nelly and steaven martin(working in australian embassy delhi) for the process of visa, BTA international language certificate and police clearence certificate..after that payment nelly not replied until now.. frank also not replied for 15 days..later frank said that his friend struck in hack so he not replied.. den my husband said ti frank that we struggle for money.. we borrowed in all the sources of us.. we asked frank lee to send 5lakhs to us to clear our loans.. frank lee transfer fund of 100000 pounds through telegraphic transfer frm hong leong bank Kuala Lumpur malaysia and for that fund transfer we have to pay 78600 for transfer fee to another account which they given another name.. we enquire then about the transfer in ICICI bank that any notice came by fund transfer on the name my husband.. we given ICICI bank account details of husband to them..then got clear that its all about a scam.. no transfer has made.. still now also he is chatting with us that pay fe you get money.. that delhi man steven martin also asking money 36500 for other police verication certificate of Australia.. now i want to get my money back.. please suggest how we have to proceed to get out from these..i said to my husband keep in touch that you arranging money for them.. now how we have to catch them?

  259. Zoe Ashleigh-Nychol Hernandez says:

    I have been scammed through Instagram over shoes. I’ve already sent my money through a MoneyNetwork. I don’t know what to do. The guy has blocked me the number he gave me was out of service. I’m freaking out.

  260. Jamie says:

    I have been scammed of 6225.95

    Found the car on autotrader. Selling a vw golf, he was away working so recommended using this escrow company, who after transfer of the payment to them, they deliver the car, then when your satisfied, pay the seller. Fake escrow company calling themselves vision finance ltd. can anyone help. Transfered money online, faster payment. Im still in shock anyhelp welcome thanks

  261. Shubham says:

    I am shubham from india .
    Recently i got in contact with a person from UK saying that he has original iphones . I asked him to tell the rates . The rates were fair enough . He told dat after sending cash within 48 hrs delivery would be recieved through fedex or dhl .
    Can i trust him n send him the payment ?

  262. Kyle says:

    Can i trust him n send him the payment ?

    No. Do not send cash unless you are transacting through Paypal or eBay. Ask the seller to create an ebay listing for you. This way you have recourse if the person tries to scam you. If he gives you an excuse to not use eBay, ignore him completely. He’s probably trying to scam you.

  263. Amanda says:

    I just got scammed out of 500 dollars for a security deposit on a house. I paid through money gram. I didn’t pay with cash I used my bank card and the money has already been picked up. How can I get my money back. If not all of it at least some of it. Thanks.

  264. Nina says:

    I ordered shoes from the “nike” website and as i ve read the comments on google after i have been SCAMED.The problem is that i didnt think about it and i payed with credit card and not with pay pal :-( I ve got the mail that differnet name will appear on my bill and i ve got 2 adresses for “any suggestion” and ofc noone is answering.AT LEAST I VE LEARNED MY LESSON

  265. Nancy says:

    Hey Kylee,
    I got scammed by a so called modeling agency. They advertised that they were looking for new models and I sent them my pictures. They called the following day and told me they would like to sign me up on shoot with big companies. That I had to pay 25$ a month. Since it wasn’t I paid. But I made sure that it wasn’t an automatic mentatly payment. Just when I’m checking my paypal this evening, I found out that the payment will be authomatic each month…At this point I became suspicious and did my research online about the company…… When I went back to PayPal, to cancel the transaction, they had already cashed in the money in their account. What should I do now?? I know it not a lot, but I hate letting scammers have their ways. Please help

  266. Luis Quijano says:

    Yesterday I got scamed into shipping my Xbox one that I was selling I regret it allot lost 400 dollars but sad part they have my name and adress I dont live in the states but still I feel bad. Life experience be cautious online and never trust anyone who dosnt pay before shipping. Any advices email me at [email protected]

  267. I was scammed out of $1500! I was trying to purchase a car from an ad on craigslist… She had a third party to receive the money through ebay so I sent a moneygram! Is there any way you can help me get my money back?

  268. Frances Clarke says:

    Hello, I got scammed on ebay by a woman called Melanie Scollen from Whitley Bay, Tyneside (UK). I didn’t use paypal so I can’t get the money back that way. I think ebay should take some responsibility but they never do. If anyone has any details of Melanie Scollen ie. whether she is working, or where she is living I would be grateful. I lost £6,300 thanks to a fraud conducted by her and her accomplices. I obtained a county court judgment against her, and I understand she was also found guilty of fraud by North Tyneside Magistrates Court last year. I hope they threw the book at her. Any information on this person would be greatly appreciated.

  269. Dave Bliss says:

    I got scammed by a bogus seller of electric guitar on Facebook. They said they could not accept PayPal as had no account set up.

    I was encouraged to send payment via Bank transfer to their Halifax. Mr Steven J Wilson, Sort code 11-00-08 Account number 10806862, Name on account Mr Steven J Wilson. Address stated to be 39 Jubilee street, Llandudno, LL30 2SQ.

    The IBAN transaction for £500 went through from my bank with no glitches, but an hour later the seller contacted me via Facebook with a copy of mobile phone text message from Halifax stating that the transaction had failed and that my funds were being returned to be with 24 to 72 hours. He asked if I could send money again as it was now sorted out with his bank. So I sent using IBAN another £500. Again 4 hours later he messaged me again with same Halifax message saying it had again been rejected by his bank for same reason, a fault in the transfer. Could I send him the money again. I said NO and demanded more info from his Halifax bank based in Leeds. At this point I realized that I was at the victim of a SCAM.

    To cut a long story short. The guitar pictured for sale was a stolen image from a USA based owner, the guitar never existed to be sold, and the Scammer got away with £1000 from my bank.

    The Police have tracked the Scammer, a woman in Accrington, via her bank details. There is a criminal Police investigation following now.

    It looks unlikely that Lloyds bank (my bank) will make any refund to me despite that fact that their banking system enabled him to steal money from me.

    I am a pensioner and I am very angry with the situation especially my bank.

    Anybody else had a similar experience?

  270. Alene Alexander says:

    My husband and I responded to an email supposedly Donald Trump supporting this dropshipping job, work at home, etc. All it cost was 9735.00 one time and in no time I would be making 1,000’s. We tho’t if we could make 3-400 month it would help supplement our social security checks. They are working with us all of a sudden someone from their company says that we have to have all this tax stuff… LLC, accountant, etc..since we are going to make money, we need the LLC protection. Well, we still not making money… then another dude calls us and says we won’t make money like the first guy is telling us how…. we need to spend another 8-10,000.00 and we will really start making money… We won’t give him another credit card…… to charge that…. at this time we call the state attorney generals office… they say call your credit card company immediately.. you have been scammed. We have called them… and are waiting… almost 14,000.00 in scam.

  271. Hayley says:

    I’ve just been scammed :'( I’m an 18 year old mom and I applied for a loan online. But because I recently turned 18 I had no credit at all so they said they required collateral of 615 so I sent it as they asked through western union and then I waited the 3 hours to see if my loan went in my bank. It didn’t I called back and she said that I need to buy insurance for the loan which was 1230 but I said I couldn’t and she said okay they are willing to offer you to send another 615 which sounded much better then an extra 1230 so I sent it again. It’s been 3 days I have got nothing! My two year old daughter and I have been starving I’m at -238 with my bank and have no family. It is so hard to tell a little girl that she can’t eat because people are cruel! I don’t know what to do we are going to be evicted!

  272. adele says:

    Hey guys i really dont know about the scam of a thing but i recommend [email protected] for an untraceable real hacking job and PI for scammed victim to track down and trace the scammer, with much experience on the previous guy that scammed me he helped me trace and recover back my lost money..he also help me hack my ex’s email, facebook, whatsapp,and his phone conversations through the software i payed him for and installed remotely on my phone cause i suspected he was cheating. all he asked for was his phone model, no physical contact.if you need help hacking any social site without password he will surely help tell him Adele referred you..he will surely help you can thank me

  273. sephora says:

    I just got scammed by, a so called bit coin system over $7000.00 I can’t talk much. I have no hope to get the money back, I’m down everything looked so perfect …

  274. I recently was scammed thru my daughters gmail account, lost 1250 dollars for a truck that never was thru the site offer up. My granddaughter also lost 1500 dollars thru the same site. She worked all summer to buy her first car. The person pretended to be in the military and her husband died four months ago. Same story from both of our contacts. We only realized this when we conversed days later. No one should be called an American, who takes the military’s name and scams people, none the less, even a 16 yr old, minor, and they knew it. Told her it was a great first car. Not only that, they are trying to sell the same car to my daughter, Jessica. I used Amazon gift cards and the site said Amazonpayments. When I called a different number I was told I was scammed and there was no way to track the gc.????? The thieves had to use the numbers I gave them to purchase something on, so I don’t understand. I am going to file a complaint with the authorities but we are still out 3700 dollars. How unamerican?????

  275. jamie van de noort says:

    i have been scamed by an phone website, i payed by western union a week ago and now is when i realise that i am beeing scamed!!! the already picked up the money… what can i do to get my money back??? please help

  276. Grace says:

    Just found out I was scammed, it really sucks. I’ve been stressing about paying some bills and filled out some forms online for a personal loan. I don’t have good credit and I get monthly checks that I barely get by on. So, I’m posting this as a warning that it doesn’t happen to anyone else. How I’ll get by this month, I don’t know. I was desperate and needed money and I wasn’t thinking clearly. I received an email stating I was approved for a loan and to email them back. So I did, then I received a call from this guy named Alex Dowson “904-402-9356 — email: [email protected]” (here’s a phone & email) What I’m about to put should have been a red flag, put like I stated, I was stressed and wasn’t thinking clearly. They said they need to verify my bank account by depositing money into my account that I have to send it back. (Again all red flags but I wasn’t thinking clearly) They told to go to a Dollar General and use the money from the deposit they did and get itune cards for the exact amount that was deposited into my account. So I did that, twice and then they asked that I pay 350 for something, I couldn’t hear the guy over the phone. I tell them that I want them to fix the overdraft caused from the mobile deposit and I’m not interested in the loan if I have to pay something to get it. That is when I realized I was scammed and I really don’t know how to pay back that kind of money. I already talked with my bank and I really don’t know if they’ll help with my situation. I’m overdraft $2000 dollars and I really wish I wasn’t so desperate for extra money to pay my bills.

    Here is more information the fake loan approval I got from the email.

    Capital Finance
    1351 N Gadsden Street
    Florida 32309
    Loan Approval letter

    Thank you for showing your interest in the Loan with our company capital finance and this is the confirmation e-mail to let you know that the loan application you applied for has been approved.

    Your loan has been approved for the minimum of $2,000 and the maximum is $10,000, and your Loan Account Number is AP-xxxxxx
    Please call us back on our number or reply to this e-mail so that we can call you and explain you the terms and condition of this loan.

    Also we have mentioned below the monthly installments plan for the loan of amount from which you can choose any of the following you are comfortable with and you can pay up your loan back with easy monthly installments.

    To know more about monthly installments plans for this loan amount please call us back on the number below.

    Furthermore, we would like to share that once the loan is transferred into your account the first monthly installments will be due within the first 30 days on the date you will give the authorization for.

    For more information you can get back to us on our number 904-402-9356
    We look forward to hear from you.

    Our aim is to transfer the loan amount by today itself into your checking account!”

    — Reads all good until its to late and you realized you’ve been scammed. —
    — Please past this along, its not right what this people are doing, I may be out some money I might not get back but other people don’t deserve to fall victim to this. —

  277. Apostolos says:

    Hello, i got scammed on western union, a guy “bought” a pair of shoes by senting me a fake paypal link wich said that he added the price and once i made the shipment i would get the money, though after is shipped it i never got the money. Then he told me that paypal didnt allow less that 500 dollars to be trunsfered between the 2 countries and he said that i had to pay him via wester union the price of 340 so that i would get 500 on paypal! No i lost the shoes pluss my money wich i need for my mother… I have his adrees and email and everyhting but he isnt asnwering to me…So, what can i do? ……

  278. Hi Kyle. I got the scam.Its look like my landlord emailed to me , told me to send payment different account he gave me a routing number , account number , and the name and the bank, but it wasn’t my lanlord. As soon as I found out that wasn’t my lanlord, the money already gone, it was 15 days later. I called the bank make the report but they say it’s my writing my signature so they can not do anything. It is any advice, please, is it more than 7,000$. I’m just so upset at myself

  279. Neville Ingram says:

    Hi Kyle, I have been scammed out of £7000 over a year by an online scammer who does Binary options. I only found out because they have robbed me of £4600 by changing their website without notice, the problem is I had £4600 left in my account. Please can you advise me, can I get my money back?

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