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How to Remove Ripoff Report on Google

Ripoff Report

RipoffReport.com (or “RoR”) is a website where consumers can write reviews about their recent purchases with an employer or employee of a business. The reviews are typically negative in nature, as with most review sites. Of course, I don’t believe writing a negative review is wrong, but there are some cases where frustrated buyers might resort to bending the truth in hopes to gain public opinion and tarnish an individual or company’s reputation.

When someone writes a review on RipoffReport.com, the page gets crawled and indexed by Google. Because RipoffReport.com is favored by Google, the page tends to dominate the search results for several keywords relating to the individual or company.

The thing about RipoffReport.com is that the Domain Authority is very strong compared to other web sites. The reason for this is complicated, but basically the site is linked to from some of the most authoritative news/media websites on the Web – giving it the power to rank highly in Google’s search results. It is virtually impossible to remove a Ripoff Report page from Google.

I see people asking how to remove Ripoff Report rankings on Google all the time. The best way to do this is to try to build the ranking of other pages, with the hope of toppling RoR.

Here are some ways to topple Ripoff Report in Google:

  1. Create and populate social media profiles like Google+, Facebook (either a company page or a public figure page), Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter. These websites are powerfully weighted in Google’s algorithm.
  2. Submit your resume to Indeed.com. Or, if it is a company, create a company profile by creating a job listing. Indeed.com offers a free month trial, but the page stays up even if you don’t continue.
  3. Create a Wikipedia page about the business or individual. This is very difficult to do with Wikipedia’s editorial review process. The entry cannot be self-promotional or an advertisement.
  4. Create an ‘About me’ or ‘About Us’ page on your website. Make sure to populate this page with keyword-rich information. Make the page more interesting by adding photos or videos (tip: name the photos the keyword you are trying to improve). Create the page so that a visitor won’t immediately hit the back button.
  5. Buy a .com or .net domain name that is exactly matching or partially matching the keyword you are trying to lower RipoffReport.com for. Google favors these domains.
  6. Inter-link between all of these pages that you have created.
  7. Build new links to these pages from third-party sites. Do not buy links.
  8. Update these profiles and pages on a regular basis.


The idea being this strategy is to build authority to these pages and ultimately outrank RipoffReport.com. You have a good chance of doing this if you follow the steps above. Feel free to share your results, if any, in the comments below.