• September 10, 2014

Google’s Sense of Humor: “Recursion”

One of my friends updated his Facebook status and stated "To understand recursion, first you have to understand recursion". Recursion is simply a repeated process, it's used a lot in mathematics and sorting algorithms. Google's engineers are definitely familiar with this term, so it doesn't surprise me to see that they injected a little humor into the search results for the term "recursion".

recursion Googles Sense of Humor: Recursion

  • July 25, 2014

Pigeon: Google’s Newest Algorithm Update

google pigeon update Pigeon: Googles Newest Algorithm Update
Google released a new update to their algorithm on July 25, 2014 - nicknamed Pigeon. The intention of the Pigeon algorithm update was to improve the local search results (a.k.a Google Maps results). Essentially, the Pigeon update takes into account the hundreds of rankings signals that the Web algorithm uses. Since there are hundreds of ranking factors used by Google, it's impossible to say which signals they are looking for. However, there are some signals that most SEO's know improve local search visibility. Some of those ranking signals include: Reviews, Citations (Name, Address, Phone #), keywords, inbound/outbound links, and user metrics like bounce rate and time on site.

Google's Pigeon update is still very new, so it is way too early to speculate what this means for your local business and website. Wait a few weeks for some case studies come out before you make a change in your SEO strategy. However, remember to always keep things as natural as possible. Don't spam, over-link or in any way abuse Google's guidelines. You will get caught eventually and it's not worth it!

  • June 29, 2014

What is Considered a Bad Credit Score?

Credit Score Range


720 to 850


680 to 719


620 to 679


580 to 619


500 to 579


300 to 499



  • March 22, 2014

Eric Schmidt Speaks at Zeitgeist Americas 2013

Eric Schmidt explains how the world is adapting to the free flow of information that we call the World Wide Web.