• March 22, 2014

Eric Schmidt Speaks at Zeitgeist Americas 2013

Eric Schmidt explains how the world is adapting to the free flow of information that we call the World Wide Web.

  • June 30, 2013

AdWords Keyword Tool, It Was Nice Knowing Ya

adwords keyword tool 1024x392 AdWords Keyword Tool, It Was Nice Knowing Ya

Google is transitioning their keyword tool to AdWords "Keyword Planner", which will be private to AdWords clients rather than have it open to the public. Granted, the tool will still be free - but to me it's an attempt to capitalize on their popularity. I don't really agree with their decision, but there's no real loss.

  • May 29, 2013

SEOmoz.org Changes Brand and Domain to Moz.com

moz logo SEOmoz.org Changes Brand and Domain to Moz.com

Very interesting and exciting news today. SEOmoz, one of the Web's leading industry leaders for search engine marketing and optimization, has just changed their brand from "SEOmoz" to "Moz". If you visit SEOmoz.org, you will be redirected to Moz.com. Very cool.

Rand Fishkin revealed this change just minutes ago.

moz 1024x567 SEOmoz.org Changes Brand and Domain to Moz.com

  • April 5, 2013

David Mihm: The Evolution of Local SEO Algorithms

David Mihm is the Director of Local Search over at SEOmoz. David published a video today that expanded on the the idea that Google has been aggressively improving the way their Local SEO algorithm ranks businesses within Google Search and Google Maps. The information is rather basic - he doesn't exactly go into the details of "how to get your business ranked #1 in Google Maps", but he does leave hints.

How to improve your Google Maps ranking

  • Links + Title Tags
  • Citations + Location Data
  • Reviews
  • Social identity (Google+)
  • Offline signals (Foursquare check-ins)

These are the main bullets David drives home at the end of the video. Watch the video below to get the real deal.