Where’s John Curtis’ Stuff?

Dude, where's John Curtis' Stuff?

John Curtis has lost the affection of his own office supplies. They did, however, leave these clues for him to find them:

  1. I’m tired of supporting you, so I’m rolling out. I’m checking into #5-48.
  2. I needed a clean slate and clear my head. I went to see Dr. Schreiner.
  3. You’ve been pointing your fingers at me all day, and I had to ESC for a while. So I decided to take some time off and relax.
  4. You’re the big cheese, yet I never get any for myself. I’ve scampered off to scavenge for my share in cooler climates.
  5. I’m sick of you walking all over me. If you wish to you have me back, ask the Genie.
  6. We don’t share the same taste in music, I prefer to jam out with Garcia.
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