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Valentines Day Ideas

I thought I’d go ahead and share with everyone some ideas I’ve had and used for valentines day.

Here are some great ideas:

  • Concert tickets to her favorite band. The chances of the band being in town around valentines day is slim, but getting tickets for sometime in the near future is certainly a great gift. :)
  • Make a video and/or slideshow with pictures of the past and present of both of you.
  • Massage and spa appointment. I’ve found that gift cards to a spa isn’t as romantic as simply making an appointment for her. I plan on making her an appointment for her to get a 1 hour massage, followed by…
  • Dinner, of course! But pick something fun. This means not Chili’s. Come on, do better than that. Pick a fun restraunt like one of those Japanese restraunts that cook in front of you. Or go someplace with excellent sceneary like walls that are aquariums, filled with fish. Be creative.
  • Even if the Mrs. says she doesn’t want any roses, or gifts, or whatever … FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GET THEM! Get her some roses, a little teddy bear, chocolate, you know all that crap. She’ll love it.
  • This is optional (because the other ones aren’t ;) ) – But writing her a very very small, and to the point poem or statement will really show her that you’re not just looking to please her by buying things for her. Let her know where your heart is by writing it down on words. Just look for some sentimental/romantice phrases.

These are all just ideas. The point is to be creative, so just following these ideas isn’t what you should be doing. The purpose is soley for branching off ideas of your own – that’s when the girl will see that you really like her (even if you’re married :))

Best of luck to all of you.

Happy Valentine’s Day