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WM6.5 and WM7 Dates!

Windows Mobile 6.5

While Microsoft may not be directly commentating on this information leak, many of Microsoft’s “secondary” sources are predicting dates for the highly anticipated Windows Mobile 6.5 update.  Also, Windows Mobile 7 is going to be pushed back until sometime in 2010 onlyl because 6.5 is being release later than expected.  Here are estimated release dates:


  • Windows Mobile 6.5 RTM (release to manufacturing): April 2009
  • First Windows Mobile 6.5 devices from cell phone makers: September 2009
  • Windows Mobile 7.0 release to testers: November 2009
  • First Windows Mobile 7.0 devices from cell phone makers: April 2010

    Thanks to WMExperts for doing their due diligence.

    Weather 1.2

    Weather 1.2

    Vito Technology released version 1.2 of their ‘Weather’ application for Windows Mobile 6 devices.  The program runs very smooth, utilizing the Touch-screen functions.  The newest release now covers EVERY CITY in the United States!  There are many free Weather apps out there for WM6, but this one is my favorite by far.

    Download Weather 1.2

    Opera Mini 4.0

    Opera Mini 4.0 for Google Android

    Opera Mini is probably the second or third most popular web browsers, simply for its reputation for having “smooth and clean” web browsing.  A definite must have for Android users.

    Download Opera Mini 4.0

    T-Mobile G1 Reviewed by Engadget

    As always Engadget got their hands on T-Mobile’s first Andriod phone, the G1.   So far consumers are loving the new phone and seems to be competing with the iPhone already.