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Tyler Sjöström, Musician

A long time friend of mine, Tyler Sjostrom, has begun making and producing new music in his spare time. He is quite talented… have a listen below.  He plays a very unique style of music, something that I really cannot put a title on.  Maybe folky?  That’s the best I can do, deal with it.  But have a listen below and let me (and him) know what you think by leaving a comment.  Enjoy.

Update April 4th, 2014:
Tyler took a leap in his music career in March 2014 and started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund his new album. He already reached his goal, but you get some cool stuff if you donate. At the very least, check out the video that Christian Young made for him:

Donate to Tyler’s Kickstarter Campaign


You can follow and find more music on Tyler Sjostrom’s facebook page.