Technology – What Makes Winners and Losers

Our economy is based upon the buying and selling of products and services, also known as a “Consumer Economy”.   Products are services in American normally only succeed when whatever they’re selling is effective, reliable, and most importantly, affordable.

Here are a few upcoming products/services that haven’t broke that barrier yet, but probably will in the near future (within 5 years):

  • Solar Cell Technology – A new, eco-friendly source of energy.  Take that Common Wealth Edison.  The only thing that’s really keeping Solar Cells from taking over is cost.  Right now it would cost a consumer about $50,000 to convert their home’s energy source to Solar Cells.  It would take about 10 years to get your moneys worth.  My dad is in this industry.
  • Digital Movie Downloads/Rentals – Blockbuster and Netflix have both dabbled in this industry.  They both failed in some way.
  • Wireless Internet Cards – Sprint is probably the leading Wireless Internet Card provider right now.  The technology seems ideal and its something that a lot of people will want (supply & demand).  However, in order to get one of these cards, you need to lock into a 2 year contract with Sprint, at $59.99 / month.  Not really cost effective unless you’re really needing internet around the clock.  Some do though.  I expect this price to go down A LOT once more competitors jump into the market.

While it may not directly involved search engines, it certainly explains a lot about how America’s (and other countrie’s) economies work.  You can definitely use this knowledge toward your web development and marketing in some way, shape, or form.

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