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David Mihm: The Evolution of Local SEO Algorithms

David Mihm is the Director of Local Search over at SEOmoz. David published a video today that expanded on the the idea that Google has been aggressively improving the way their Local SEO algorithm ranks businesses within Google Search and Google Maps. The information is rather basic – he doesn’t exactly go into the details of “how to get your business ranked #1 in Google Maps”, but he does leave hints.

How to improve your Google Maps ranking

  • Links + Title Tags
  • Citations + Location Data
  • Reviews
  • Social identity (Google+)
  • Offline signals (Foursquare check-ins)

These are the main bullets David drives home at the end of the video. Watch the video below to get the real deal.

How to Rank #1 in Google – Matt Cutts

A lot of people know Matt Cutts – particularly in the SEO field. He’s the face of Google, and isn’t a self-indulged billionaire like most Google execs (*breath of relief*). He is probably the most credible source for Google insights to this day, and he will no doubt go down in history. I think it goes without saying that he is one of the more powerful industry leaders for Search Engine Optimization and marketing. He knows how Google works and, more importantly, knows what Google will be in the near future. If you are a beginner SEO, please watch the video above for a sure-fire way to get your website ranked #1 in Google. Everything he says in this video will help you rank higher – I GUARANTEE IT!

Read Matt’s blog, Wikipedia, Twitter and Google+.



Matt Cutt’s Gives Recap: How to Rank Better in Google

Thomas Høgenhaven of Denmark created a quick recap of the SXSW tweet answers from Matt Cutts and Duane Forrester.

Alternatives to Raven Tools Rank Tracker SEO Tool

Raven Tools
Even successful people have the capacity to make irrational decisions.

Raven Tools Rank Tracker
Raven Tools SERP Tracker

Raven Tools is a popular internet marketing tool that allows you to track your website metrics. I signed up for Raven Tools’ $99/mo service strictly because of their sophisticated rank tracker. But Raven Tools announced that they were going to shut the tool down. I highly recommend that you not only read the announcement, but a very zealous comment right after the post. As a lot of you may have heard in the SEO world, Raven Tools had failed a site audit by the Google AdWords API team. They were forced to decide to comply to Google or get blacklisted.

I will be pulling my subscription to Raven Tools on January 3rd, 2013. I simply cannot justify the cost. I think Raven Tools really screwed up here as a company. It really sounds like it was a political thing because most (if not all) of Raven Tool’s customers signed up for the rank tracker. Now they pull the rug out from under us and we are forced to decide to stay or go.

Clients want to see results. They deserve to because they are paying you to improve their rankings. Reporting results to your clients is important to any successful marketing campaign.

SEOmoz has a SERP rank tracker, but they are very expensive – even for marketing agencies. Here are some alternatives to Raven Tools

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That was a pretty good list for me, but i found an alternative - ColibriTool - i'm using it for…

Black Friday Infographic

Black Friday Infographic

The few days after Thanksgiving are what truly ignite the holiday shopping season.  Retailers offer some of the best deals of the year in order to entice shoppers to stay up after hours and camp outside stores.  For many, it is worth it.  Below is an infographic depicting the life of the hashtag #blackfriday.