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How Do Boomers Protect Themselves from Identity Scams?

Identity Theft Scammer
Identity scams can wreak havoc

Were you shocked when your grandma got a Facebook account? Or are you surprised by the number of email forwards you get from your Great Uncle? Well today’s retirees are embracing technology, and are specifically becoming more and more comfortable using the internet. But that level of comfort comes with a level of caution (and a little healthy suspicion) that baby boomers may not have.

All internet users must be careful sharing sensitive personal information online. Boomers, who may be new to online activities and computer use in general, may not know what to look out for and may be particularly vulnerable to identity theft online. Because of that, they be may be specifically targeted by scammers and thieves. Unfortunately, scammers are beginning to target the Boomer demographic.  In order to reduce your risks of being another victim of the Boomer phase, you need to take the proper preemptive steps by signing up for some sort of ID theft protection service.  They typically cost no more than $5-10 per month – but the peace of mind it gives you is certainly priceless.

Favicon Generator Tool

Favicon Generator Tool Example

I wrote about creating your own favicon using Photoshop a few weeks ago.  Since then I found a very useful alternative from a website called Dynamic Drive; they host a free online favicon generator tool.  All you need to do is upload a picture from your computer, and it will convert it to a .ICO extension.  From there, you download the file, then upload it to your root folder.  Lastly, you add the following code to the <head> section of your web page:

<link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon" href="/favicon.ico">

Easy as pie.

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online favicon generator

you can use to generate favicons online., Online Dining Reservations is one of my favorite websites today because you can book almost any Chicagoland restaurant in about one minute. Additionally, you can read hundreds of real reviews about a restaurant before you decide to dine there. I recently took my girlfriend out to a very nice restaurant called Catch 35, in Naperville, Illinois – and used OpenTable to book my reservations. Great dining. Very elegant…romantic… you know, that crap. But the obvious point I’m trying to make here is that revolutionized the restaurant industry by making it as easy as pie to book reservations.

Just like the banking industry and ATMs, provides the transition to the digital age for the restaurant industry.

Of course you can’t give all the praise. It’s not like they invented the technology to book restaraunt reserverations online, but they certainly seized the opportunity – and succeeded.

Metra Rail Accepts Credit Cards Online… Finally

For those in the metropolitan area of Chicago, you probrably have riden the Metra Rail system at some time in your life.  Well, you would imagine that could buy your tickets online and print them from home right?  Nope.  Well, not until today at least.  Metra surprised the media yesterday by announcing their new $3 milliion web redesign.  Now accepting credit cards, buying tickets is easier than ever for the train.

Metra Rail is making it easier for students

I just bought a monthly pass with my Mastercard because I go to DePaul University in Chicago.  It worked very well I guess; Credit card processors can only be so exciting.  But anyways, I thought this was worth a note because of how much money Metra put into this redevelopment.  About $3 million as I mentioned before.  And it took 3 years.  Kind of gives you a “guage” of what you pay for in the web development market.

See you on the train.

Metra Rail

Kyle Loves Google Voice

I’m really impressed with Google’s new product, Google Voice.  Originally a company called Grand Central created the online tool in 2005.  Google then purchased the company in 2007 and is now relaunching it with many, many improvements.  Basically, Google Voice creates an “online phone number” that can be tied to as many phone numbers that you have.  Any phone calls to your Google number then relays to your cell phone.  The best part about Google Voice is the online managment dashboard they give you, as with all major Google products.    Voice is invite only, but requesting one is  no big deal.  I predict Google Voice will dominate Skype users.  No wonder eBay is trying to sell it.

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