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Yahoo Says Yah-no to Microsoft


On Saturday May 3rd, Yahoo received another counter bid for the acquisition of Yahoo by Microsoft. Yahoo declined their offer (again)…

At the meeting, which also included Yahoo’s other founder, David Filo, and a Microsoft president who oversees its online unit, Kevin Johnson, Mr. Ballmer increased Microsoft’s offer to $33 a share, or a total of about $47.5 billion, from $29.40 a share. Mr. Yang told Mr. Ballmer that Yahoo would not accept an offer below $37 a share, this person said. -NyTimes

Yahoo was simply milking the cow, but it looks like they either got greedy or they overvalue their assets. Microsoft’s Chief Executive went on to say: “After careful consideration, we believe the economics demanded by Yahoo do not make sense for us, and it is in the best interests of Microsoft stockholders, employees and other stakeholders to withdraw our proposal.” Tough love Yahoo! Not to worry though – Yahoo shouldn’t have any problem selling their company for a couple billion – it’s only a matter of who offers the most dollars.

A few other companies who have showed interest in the acquisition of Yahoo is AOL (Time Warner), MySpace (Fox), and this guy. Should be very interesting to watch how this unfolds in the next year or two.

Google Gets Social?

Eric Schmidt Or at least that is the rumor. A recent NY Times blog entry stated that Google CEO and founder, Eric Schmidt, mentioned in a conversation how social networking isn’t simply a “fad” or something that will pass in time.

“People don’t appreciate how many page views on the Internet are in social networks,” Mr. Schmidt told a group of reporters at the end of its Zeitgeist conference, a two-day gathering of an eclectic mix of Google partners, competitors, social activists and politicians.

Social networks, he said, account for an “enormous proportion” of Internet usage, he added. “It is very real. It’s a very real phenomenon.” – Eric Schmidt, Google CEO.

This doesn’t confirm any actions Google might take in the future, of course. However, Schmidt also didn’t shoot down the possibility of Google jumping into the social networking arena. Google plans on using the information they have on their customers/visitors for future projects. With all the information they have on us (the entire human race, basically), who knows what kind of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious social networking site they can create.

To hell with Facebook + Myspace, I say! Let us all throw our hats to Google and bow down to their almighty web presence.

Lawsuit Seeks to Shut Down Facebook

This story shocked me as well everyone I showed today. Apparently Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook’s founder) is being sued by for fraud, copyright infringement, as well as misappropriation of trade secrets. What’s at stake? Facebook. Well, the ownership at least.

Yes it’s ironic that I’m posting about this since my last post spoke about Facebook reaching half the size of Myspace.

The three founders of ConnectU say Mark Zuckerberg agreed to finish computer code for their site, but repeatedly stalled and eventually created Facebook using their ideas.

The lawsuit’s allegations against Zuckerberg include fraud, copyright infringement and misappropriation of trade secrets. It asks the court to shutter Facebook and give control of the company and its assets to ConnectU’s founders.

Read the full story here.

Facebook Now Half the Size of Myspace!

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It’s official.’s ranking comparison tool told me today that Facebook is now half as big as Take a look for yourself:

I really admire Facebook’s growth – although I don’t give them all the credit. The site has been booming since January of 2007 – with traffic doing nothing else but increasing.

Will Facebook be hitting a wall anytime soon? Pun intended. :)

Don’t Buy From

Long time, no post.  Sorry that we had to meet again with these circumstances, but it needs to be said!

Reasons being:
Poorly (notice the emphasis) made scripts.  Their SocialJenny (myspace clone) script is full of bugs that almost make the site unusable.  This is after making sure my server was compatible with the script, upgrading to their “Developer” version, and fixing some bugs myself.

– I was supposed to get 6 months of free “Support”.  I can only chuckle at that promise.  I was actually surprised that I got an email response by them though.  Oh but that was because I needed to pay another $50 to upgrade my script to the “DEVELOPER” version which you need to edit the files.  Why did you encrypt the files again?

– I only received responses back when it had to do with me paying them more money.  Silly isn’t it?

– I was banned on their forum for speaking up about their lack of support that was promised.  I understand that it may take a while to respond to an inquiry… but weeks at a time?  I can’t prove or show what I said to them because they deleted the posts (surprise surprise), but I did nothing to deserve a ban.

I was a bad boy.
I’ve dealt with FREE scripts that have been more reliable than these.

I’m not trying to be a nagging customer… in fact, it wasn’t even my money that was spent.  This post is to direct those users interested in buying a myspace or youtube clone script AWAY from  Just trying to help out all your smart consumers :)