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Mobile Processors 50% Faster by End of 2010

I bought my Nexus One Friday afternoon around 3 o’clock central time. Without hesitating, I chose the FedEx Overnight shipping option. Because Google hates me, my phone was not shipped on Friday. This means I won’t be getting my phone until Tuesday because it won’t ship until Monday. Damn this infernal wretched bastard world. I’ve been waiting half a decade for this moment. I WANT MY GOOGLE PHONE.

This post is actually about mobile processors believe it or not. The Nexus One uses the newly-released Android 2.1 operating system. That’s all fine and dandy, but everybody knows that software is useless without decent hardware that supports it. Like with any computer, the CPU (or processor) is the most important hardware component in the phone, hands down. In fact, almost every single indentifiable issue with your mobile phone can most likely be traced back to your CPU capabilities. Is your video lagging? You have a crappy CPU on your phone. Do you have low battery life? Crappy CPU. Slow wireless connections? Your CPU may be made of crap.

The Nexus One phone was manufactured by HTC. HTC has been integrating Qualcomm processors in their mobile phones almost since inception. The Nexus One uses the Qualcomm QSD 8250 1 GHz (aka “Snapdragon”) processor. Ok, now we are getting somewhere in this post. After researching Qualcomm some more, I discovered that they are in the midst of accelerating their CPU production line for mobile hardware (phones). Additionally, they’re improving the speed of their Snapdragon processors. In fact, they have already publicly announced that by the end of 2010, they will release their 1.3 GHz processor, as well as their DUAL-CORE 1.5 GHz mobile processor.

Big deal, what does this all mean you might ask? Well, despite the obvious fact that your phones will boot-up and process applications much faster – you can expect many new innovations in mobile computing. For example, with a dual-core 1.5 GHz processor in your PHONE, you can decode 1080p/720p video files. Even if you don’t need this, it gives you a very good estimate as to how powerful these processors really are. And to do this while saving as much battery power as possible… that’s an accomplishment. Looks like the mobile industry is evolving nicely. I’m looking forward to a world with less lag.

Admob vs. Kyle


Admob is a mobile advertising company I’ve been using for the last six months.  It is the Adsense of mobile internet.  Admob typically only approves publishers that have a mobile-compatible website (like this for example).  Admob was recently acquired by Google.  The FTC is now asking for more details on the acquisition, as Google is starting to become more and more suspicious of monopolizing the mobile advertising industry.

Some other .mobi Advertising companies include:

  • Third Screen Media –
  • AdMob –
  • Google AdSense –
  • Jumptap –
  • InMobi –
  • Unanimis –
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Wireless Spectrum Auction Ends – FCC Sells for $19.6 BILLION

Today marks a new day in technology. The Federal Communications Commission announced that the auction for the 700mHz wireless spectrum has ended with the closing bid of $19.6 Billion. They have yet to release the winner, but I’ll be sure to update this post as soon as it’s announced. The winner is either Verizon, AT&T, or Google.

“The winning bids totaled $19,592,420,000. That’s nearly double the amount the commission had hoped to raise from the spectrum being abandoned next year as television stations switch to new frequencies”.

Why is this such a big deal?

If you aren’t aware, the wireless spectrum up for grabs here will give the winning bidder

access to some of the best remaining spectrum – enabling them to send signals farther from a cell tower with far less power, through dense walls in cities and over wider territories in rural areas that are now underserved. –

What we the consumers can expect…
Expect a higher demand in mobile devices. Data will be pushed across this wireless spectrum much more freely.  I predict to see a massive explosion of mobile internet browsing and sharing (right now, only about 10% of mobile phone users use the internet).  Bittorrent P2P sharing will boom as people will be more willing to share data if the speeds are faster.  Very exciting stuff…

The Internet Is Evolving

Pardon my absence. Over the past month I went to South Beach Miami for a week (wonderful) and also visited Gulf Shores, Alabama for a few days (also rockin’).

This past month has really shown progress through my websites. Both visitor and revenue statistics have increased. I debate with myself sharing these stats. Yes, I talk to myself. Usually about the weather. I may share with you my revenue and visitor statistics sometime in the future, but not now. I’ve had bad experiences in the past when I shared my income with friends and family.

Anyways, what I wanted to mention in this post is that the internet is extremely, extremely versatile. That means it’s ever-changing, moving all the time. The web is evolving into a superpower.

Thinking like this has made me ponder over what’s to come in the near future. No one saw Myspace, YouTube, or Gmail coming did they? But then again, who saw the automobile or airplane coming? No one, exept those with the ideas.

It may just seem like incoherrent rambling to you (maybe it is), but it sure makes me feel as if I’m losing if I don’t stay on top of this ‘Evolving Internet’. I remember even sensing as if I’m losing money by not doing anything. My conclusion to this post is just a suggestion: Think about what’s to come. If you can’t think or spawn any new ideas, wait for it to come, and market it like there’s no tomorrow. Every niche explosion like Myspace and YouTube started small. Watch for these small new sites and do what you can to profit from it before that market is flooded.