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Kyle Hates Linkshare

It’s not like me to dedicate an entire post for the sole purpose of complaining. Wait, yes it is. The reason I’m taking time out of my life to flame Linkshare is because of their complete disregard for the quality of their system in its entirety....

“It Just Works”

In order to effectively wrap up 2008’s achievements, I have to mention the iPhone’s huge market share gain with the 3G iPhone. The 3G iPhone has revolutionized the mobile environment by making it run as simple as possible.  Many iPhone users praise their...

Regarding Android Software

Obviously the Google Android mobile operating system hasn’t debuted yet.  Once software starts releasing, however, we will be actively posting Android software for mobile phones!

Happy Birthday Google

Happy 10th birthday Google.  It seems only yesterday when I was sitting in class and my 8th grade computer professor was teaching us how to use search engines, and recommended Google over Yahoo.

Kyle’s “All-U-Need” SEO Tool List

I thought that I might share with the world the online SEO tools that I use. Keep in mind that I use these A LOT. I use them A LOT because they’re USEFUL. They make me MONEY in other words. 🙂 Keyword Research I use Google’s Adword’s keyword volume...