DropBox Creates Android App

This is icing on the cake. I mean no not literally. The cake is a metaphor for your Android phone. I’m referring to DropBox‘s new Android application.

Weeks ago I wrote about DropBox, a relatively new online storage synchronization service. In short, DropBox allots you a certain amount of digital space on their servers (2 GB free, or you can pay for more). Once installed on your PC, you can share any folder automatically by synchronizing it with your DropBox folder.

Now, we are seeing DropBox expand to our mobile devices. DropBox for Android was released quite some time ago, but only recently has it undergone some major upgrades and improvements for mobile devices. For example, the DropBox app allows you to upload and share any of your mobile files to your DropBox space. This in turn allows you to share your files synonymously across any of your internet-capable devices. The conclusion is that you should never have to worry about backing up your files ever again.

DropBox: Your answer to file backup and sharing (free invite)


Dropbox is a relatively new online file backup service tool.  It allows you to create shared folders so you can universally share files across any internet device.  Say for instance you wanted to outsource a programming job to a programmer in India.  You and your employee can both have dropbox installed, and share a folder on your computer that contains all the database and web files needed for the job.  Dropbox gives you the ability to give shared file access to you and groups.


Dropbox is handy for webmasters for two reasons: 1. it gives you the ability to easily share large files (of any type) with others. 2. it gives you peace of mind knowing that your valuable files are backed up on an independent, third-party server.

Yes it’s free.

Yes it works really well.