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Kyle Hates Linkshare

It’s not like me to dedicate an entire post for the sole purpose of complaining.
Wait, yes it is.


The reason I’m taking time out of my life to flame Linkshare is because of their complete disregard for the quality of their system in its entirety.  It’s a mouthful, but I can write something negative about everything Linkshare does… they’re amateurs, simply put.  

Linkshare, a United Kingdom company, can be compared to the United States based Commission Junction ( only for its functionality.  CJ far surpasses Linkshare’s ability to unite both publisher and advertiser successfully.  Linkshare has no incentive to make you, the publisher, any real money.  Linkshare’s goal is money alright, for themselves.    

#1. is down as of this post.  I figured this is a good start to my list.

#2. Linkshare does not respond to support tickets.  What?  Did the postman lose my letter in your online support ticket system?  Of course when I asked them questions regarding my tax information (i.e money), they respond in under an hour.  

#3. Almost all of Linkshare’s advertisers are second teir, meaning less likely to bring YOU in any profit.  YOU ARE A TOOL TO LINKSHARE!

#4. Linkshare’s portal for tracking and managing publisher sales is complete dog-sh*t.  Let me show you this screenshot: (oh… wait, their site is currently “performing maintenance”).  I was going to show how their dashboard does not display at all using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.  Really? IE only?

This rant is a result of many, many months of using Linkshare actively, earning money along the way.  I’m still not happy, Linkshare does a poor job of handling their clients, both advertisers and publishers.  Commission Junction still needs a nosejob or two, but not compared to Linkshare who looks like they just got out of a 30-car pile up on an icy bridge.

Google vs. Yahoo! vs. MSN

Who’s winning? Let’s ask Alexa:

Directories & Google – The Truth

If I go into too much detail here, I’ll spark some unwanted debates. BUT, I can safely say that most web directories will be seen by Google as nothing but an empty link. What do I mean by this? It means that the links you’re submitting to directories are worth very very little to Google. The average web directory, despite PR, adds little to no trust to your website compared to any other organic link.

A link is not just a link anymore. There are grades of links. Directory links would probably be considered a grade F link to Google. This doesn’t mean that it will be detrimental to your website; it just means that it’s not even worth it.

The internet is flooded with online web directories. It use to be so easy to just spam these directories and fudge the SERPs on Google. Websites linking to you are now evaluated by Google to see how legitimate that website is. Since most directories approve pretty much any website submitted to them, very little trust can be weighed upon them.

Directories still worth submitting to: