Is a Scam?

SnapDollars Scam?

I wrote an article about online scams in general a few years ago, and it got a lot of popularity (unfortunately).  I couldn’t help but notice a lot of the comments being written about some websites trying to pull the wool over their “customer’s” eyes.  Most notably was  This one struck a personal chord with me because I remember at one point a few years ago when was providing a lot of young people some additional money in their pockets every month.  SnapDollars is a website that allows you to earn some money by performing simple online tasks like surveys and offers. But it looks like SnapDollars “deleted” the money earned by publishers who had pending payments in their account.

Here are some of the comments in my previous article about SnapDollars:

I got scammed by SnapDollars – after many years working online for them. When I tried to cash out my first payment, they just did not pay me. No one return emails, no one answer their phones, no one return my calls. they just simply keep my money. and then I found on Internet so many people complaint about snapDollars for the same thing. -SnapDollars Scam Victim

In order to cash out of your account, you need a minimum of $30 in your account.  However, you need $15 from completed offers.  Here is what “Sam” from SnapDollars support team said to me when I tried cashing out of MY account:

To request payment you must have $30 minimum, $15 of that $30 must be from completed offers such as cash and gift offers and the other $15 in surveys and confirmed emails. Than you are able to request payment.

So there you have.

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