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Sabotaging Google Politically

Most people love Google (or at least they have nothing against them). There are are a few people, though, that would love to sabotage their reputation.


(Note the misspelling)

Barack Obama has been criticized in the past, having been called Barack “Osama”, in order for the accuser to make his point politically. What better way than to make a third-grade level joke about a potential president candidate’s last name, right? Anyways, that’s where the term comes from.

It’s probably some 16 year old kid from Virginia who had his Adsense account with $99.99 in it terminated by Google for invalid clicks a day before payments were made.

But. Google would be wise to make the appropriate measures on taking this redirect down. Why? Well any ignorant or computer-savy web users can easily make the assumption that this is either a joke by Google or a polictal stand against Barack Obama. Not likely, but still something a large corporation like Google needs to address.