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Mitosis Animation Video

I decided to reformat my Dell M140 because my Asus laptop won’t stop giving me the Blue Screen of Death. So before I did this I backed my files up. I came upon this small .swf file that me and a friend made as juniors in high school, for Biology class. The flash movie demonstrates the process of Mitosis, which is the process of cell division (simply put).

For the actual flash project, I used a program called SWF Studio, using a trial version. Trust me, this program is a lot easier to use than Adobe Flash Studio. I own Adobe Flash Studio, and it is overkill if you’re only looking to create simple flash projects like this.

As you can see, there is very little actionscript in the movie. The Start/Stop feature, text transformations, and then the movements of the shapes inside the movie are the only objects using actionscript. Do you remember using Photoshop for the first time? For most people, the program looks intimidating when you first glance at it. But after you mess around with the tools for a day or so, you start to get a hang of it and on you go. Same thing with Flash and SWF Studio and Adobe Flash Studio. Try making a flash movie tonight using some simple animations or controls.