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Hello, Dexter Morgan


Some people enjoy going to the beach, some enjoy baseball, and some enjoy shopping.  Dexter enjoys killing.  Not anybody though; he has a code to make sure that any and all of  his victims are killers themselves.  Dexter is a vigilante serial killer that kills other killers to make this world a better place.  He is the “trash man” of homicides.  Bordering a super-hero-type character, Dexter’s main objective is to kill.  Secondly, it is to make his community safer.

After 6 suspenseful seasons, the ~10 million Dexter fans have been patiently sitting on the top edge of their seats for the season 7 premiere of the Showtime series.  Dexter is the adopted son of Harry Morgan, a Miami metro police detective that passed his career down to his two kids, Dexter and Deb (Dexter’s step-sister).  As season 6 concluded, and literally in the closing scene of Season 6, Debra walks in on Dexter killing his most recent victim (Travis Marhall, aka Colin Hanks).  That is where the story has been left…

As of this post, there are 70 days left until the season 7 premiere of Dexter.  You can follow the countdown by watching the widget on the side.  Watch it with me!