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Increase Your AdMob Revenue Rate: It’s About eCPM Rate

Admob Revenue

Admob is still a relatively new advertising network. That didn’t keep Google from purchasing them in 2009. Admob is completely taken care of financially, which means everybody wins at the end of the day. Focusing on mobile traffic primarily, Admob is continually providing publishers like you and I with tools to increase our AdMob revenue. The most important metric you should pay attention to is your eCPM (i.e, the amount you earn per 1,000 impressions).

One of the best ways to manipulate and hopefully increase your admob revenue is through the use of AdMobs ad filters. Once you have an accepted mobile website in the Admob publisher program, you will see Reports, Setup, and Tools links on your Admob dashboard homepage. Click ‘Tools‘. On this page you will be able to manipulate a series of filters that ultimately determine which advertisements are displayed on your mobile website. Many people disagree with “Age-Orientated Ads”, which is why it is turned off by default. But that didn’t keep them from having the Gambling or their own Affiliate Ads from showing up by default. Personally, I like to remove any categories that would not seem relevant to my website to any degree. I recommend that everybody turns image ads on.

Be careful not to go crazy filtering your Admob ads, however. Though it might makes sense to remove categories that have nothing to do with your website, you would be surprised the kind of products there are in the free market that might interest one of your visitors.

At the end of the day, the advertisers through Admob determine the value of your mobile traffic. By filtering categories, you are telling certain advertisers that you don’t want anything to do with them. Your ultimate goal is to deliver the most relevant advertisements to your mobile visitors and increase clicks and your revenue. And since you own the website, you typically know what your visitors want.

Need help or have experience increasing your AdMob revenue?

Do you have any Admob tips or tricks on how to increase revenue?  Feel free to comment.  I may start a list if I get some quality contributions.  I’m not trying to promote Admob; just dish out ideas on how to make more money :P

  1. My ecpm is down to 0,02$, I really don’t know what to do. I’ve tested to filter some categories, use them all etc. How can that be? I’ve 250.000 requests and not even 4$… Whats wrong with my app?!

  2. Wow, Drimacus, that sounds almost unbelieveable to me. What’s ur CTR? I am an iOs developer and I have released about 4 free iphone apps which i try to monetize via mobile ads. I am currently using three different ad networks in each of the app’s i am offering and I have almost tripled my revenue i had from just using Admob alone. Basically, I am combining the networks MobFox (best paying ads in Europe – eCPM about $3-5), iAds (best paying ads US/UK – eCPM about $3-4) and Admob (very low-paying, but worldwide). I am using a priority basis when requesting ads -> e.g. I first call MobFox – If MobFox has no ads I request from iAds – If iAds has no ad I request from Admob, which has ads almost for every country. Hope I could help! Raphael

  3. I find that I get paid more by allowing all the ads to be shown and by also using adwhirl to get ads from both admob and millennial media. mm usually pays more than adwhirl for the amount of impressions but regardless I still give admob 65% of my total views and mm the rest, it’s a win win for me because my impressions are worth more to admob and I get almost the same amount from mm effectively doubling my revenue.

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  5. I am also currently running a .02 ecpm of admob, 500K requests in a week = $6…. awesome

    Does anyone have any ideas why we’d see this?

  6. Adtomatik has been my predetermined ad network for a long time. Never tried anything better. Higher fill rates and the best ecpm.

  7. I see on facebook groups that some people use proxies and other techniques to generate fake clicks. so is there any penalties for those by Google ?